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Martial Arts Insurance

Cover for instructors, clubs and associations involved in amateur martial arts.

  • Public and product liability cover for both martial arts instructors and dojos
  • 24/7 personal accident cover, including for injury
  • A choice of indemnity limits to suit the needs of your martial arts association

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Features of our martial arts insurance

Martial arts instructor insurance

Our MartialGuard Instructor policy is designed to cover the main liability insurance needs of a martial arts instructor. This include public and products liability, and 24-hour personal accident cover, with weekly benefits of up to £500, broken bones cover and up to 10 physiotherapy sessions. Cover is on a ‘claims occurrence’ basis, meaning you are protected for incidents during your policy even if the claim is made at a later date.

Liability cover for martial arts clubs and associations

We offer a 12-month liability cover policy for martial arts clubs and associations, flexible to your needs. Options include cover for member to member combat, tournaments and events; employers' liability with a £10 million indemnity limit; directors' and officers' liability with indemnity limit options; personal accident cover; and specialist travel cover with one-off trip and annual cover options.

Tailored cover for martial arts

Our team has over 30 years' experience providing insurance solutions to martial arts instructors, clubs and associations. This expertise allows us to understand and identify the particular risks to which you are exposed and provide a wide range of policies that can be tailored to your needs.

Dojo insurance

We have many years' experience providing cover for dojos, and can offer a comprehensive package of cover for your martial arts premises, including buildings, contents, business interruption, money and glass.

Martial Arts Insurance Claims

If an accident, loss or damage occurs or any circumstances arise which may cause a claim to be made,n please contact the claims handling office as soon as possible.

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Martial Arts Insurance FAQs

Can you cover professional martial arts competitions?

No, our martial arts policies do not cover professional competitions.

Who qualifies for instructor public and products liability insurance?

All applicants must be over 18 years of age and have either a black belt or a teaching qualification. They must also be connected to a club or association.

What is member to member cover?

This forms part of the group public and products liability policy and provides cover for one member to another member for negligent injury. This is not a form of personal accident insurance.

Can I cancel or transfer my instructor public and products liability cover?

No, instructor public and products liability covers are not transferable and cannot be cancelled mid-term.

Which martial weapons and disciplines are covered?

All declined disciplines and declined weapons are listed below.

Declined disciplines

Bajujitsu Cage Fighting Chin Na Dim Mak Disciplines using pressure points Jobajitsu
Kalari Kalaripayattu Kyusho Kyusho Ju Jitsu Mixed martial arts including competitions Musti Yudha
No connection to martial arts Payattu Shootfighting Subajutsu Thoda Vajra Mushti

Declined weapons

  • Japanese bows
  • Japanese long blow and arrows
  • Live bladed weapons
  • Shurieken

Download a full list of FAQs for our martial arts insurance.

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