Military Contents Insurance

Worldwide insurance to cover a variety needs for military personnel.

  • Designed for uniform and kit issued on a permanent or temporary basis
  • Cover for your civilian clothing and personal effects including valuables and sports equipment
  • Liability to cover accidental damage to your mess or quarter accommodation

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20% Discount and £30 Cashback

Offer applies when you take out Kit Insurance and Kit and Home Contents Insurance

Offer available to new customers only, subject to underwriting acceptance. Discount is issued immediately. Cashback will be paid by bank transfer following payment of 3 months’ premium and within 6 months of purchasing the policy. Offer applies to Basic Right Dress, Right Dress and Right Dress Advantage products only. Offer expires: 31/12/2017 but can be withdrawn at any time. This offer is only available over the phone. Calls may be recorded.

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Our military insurance policies design to cover you at all stages of your career:

Right Dress Kit and Home

This policy is a natural progression for people moving into married quarters or for serving personnel who live independently. It also offers you the ability to give us specific values for your kit cover depending on your role. That way we can provide you with a more personalised policy. To understand which policy is most suitable for you, please refer to the table below.

Flexible claims process

We accept as part of your job role it’s not always possible to report incidents of loss straight away, especially whilst on deployment. As such we are more flexible with our claims process and ask that you report your losses no later than 180 days of becoming aware of the loss. Still report to us as soon as you can though, the quicker we know, the quicker we can resolve the claim for you.

New for old cover

We can insure your military and civilian clothing and personal effects including valuables and sports equipment. If your insured items are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair the policy covers you for a replacement as new for everything except civilian clothing and bed linen, where a deduction will be made for wear and tear. We will always try to replace your goods with the same item or the closest equivalent model.


This policy will insure damage caused to your mess or quarter accommodation which you might otherwise have to pay for out of your own pocket. Remember, you won't be able to claim if you deliberately cause any damage.

Compare our three military insurance policies below:
Cover for:Military Kit Insurance – Right Dress Basic Kit & Contents Insurance - Right Dress Kit & HomeHome Owner's Insurance - Right Dress Advantage
Personal affects
License to occupy
Home contents
Home owner's insurance    

If you'd like to include personal accident cover, legal expenses or insurance for your excess please speak with a member of the team.

These are just some of the key features and exclusions, full details will be found in your policy wording. Show policy documents

Military Contents Insurance Claims

Simply call us and talk us through the details of the claim. We will advise you of the next steps and guide you through the process right through to settlement.

In line with our service pledge, we will act within 24 hours of being notified of your claim and within five days if you provide us with new information on an existing claim, to ensure that your claim is settled as quickly as possible.

Call us or email us with; your policy number, a phone number to reach you on, details of your claim and photos where possible and relevant.

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Military Contents Insurance Articles & Guides

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Military Contents Insurance FAQs

Are my possessions covered while I'm on the move?

We understand as part of military life you’re often on the move, which can mean experiencing loss or damage of kit and contents whilst travelling from one place to the next. As such, all of our policies provide cover for your kit and contents to the value of the contents sums insured. This is applicable while they are in transit as long as it is a result of any MOD posting. This is known as 'goods in transit' cover.

Where can I find cheap military kit insurance?

It’s important to consider the best value insurance rather than the cheapest. When you are comparing policies, compare both the price and the policy to ensure you are getting the cover you need not just a cheap policy.

Are my families belongings also covered?

Our policies can cover your ‘family unit’, meaning family contents within the home is covered. Your personal effects cover can extend to your partner and children and also protects their personal possessions whilst away from the home. You can also add cover for your children whilst away at school or university as long as the address details are specified.

Is accidental damage included?

Yes, if items you own or are responsible for are accidentally lost or damaged they are covered. Like with most insurance policies, wear and tear and mechanical breakdown are not covered.

Does the excess increase if the claim is as a result of transit damage or because items were stolen from my car?

No but if you leave items unattended in your car they must be locked out of sight in the boot or locked in a glove compartment. Leaving items on display or hidden under a coat on the back seat will only attract the attention of thieves.

How should I split the values of my home contents and items I take away with me?

All you have to do is show the full value of the items you own under each section. There is no need to insure personal items like watches and jewellery twice. The total value of all of the sections you select should then represent the total value of all of your contents and possessions. Remember- we insure you on a new for old basis so think how much you contents will cost to replace as new.

Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?

If you want to know more about our monthly payment option, please read our dedicated page on Direct Debit.

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