Five Incredible Cycle Gadgets for Bike Enthusiasts

Cycling indicators: WingLights Mag V3

Go one further with your riding and check out our round-up of some of the best bike gadgets on the market.

Whether you’re cycling to work on busy roads or out late at night, this addition to your bike is a no brainer. The WingLights Mag V3 are high-quality direction indicators that attach to the handlebars of your bike via a magnet. They flash bright amber and are visible from all directions, making it easy for other vehicles or pedestrians to see your intended route. Easy to use and compact, you can attach them to your bag or even as a key ring.

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Cycling GPS: Garmin Edge 1030

To a lot of cyclists, the Garmin Edge 1030 cycling GPS computer is a must have in your cycling kit. Head out and enjoy its comprehensive navigation whether you are into road or off-road cycling, message your fellow riders making communicating that much easier and even connect to your phone for text message and phone call alerts.

The battery promises to last for 20 hours before needing a power pack and track your performance, training and recovery easily and all in one place.

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Cycling turbo trainers: Wahoo KICKR Smart Turbo Trainer

The last one on the list is not for the faint-hearted, but if you want to cycle all year round without having to brave the intense winter weather, then the Wahoo KICKR Smart Turbo Trainer is for you. It provides you with data as you go on speed, distance and power.

Compatible with third-party apps you can manoeuvre through virtual trails and geo-synced videos for a completely immersive stationary ride, this cycling turbo trainer connects to your GPS computer to let you ride any outdoor routes while indoors.

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Wireless headphones for cycling: Bragi The Dash headphones

If you love to ride listening to music and you want to track your heart rate, speed and much more, these wireless headphones for cycling can do it all. They are one of the most lightweight activity trackers around and it is done all from your ears.

Bragi The Dash wireless headphones are adaptable to your individual hearing, connect easily to your phone and when tap them a voice will update you with your progress whilst you ride. Switch from noise reduction to audio transparency seamlessly and enjoy the award-winning light and comfy design.

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Cycling cameras: GoPro & GoPro Handlebar pole mount

Did you even go riding if you didn’t film it? GoPro needs no introduction, it’s the go to camera for all sporting enthusiasts and allows you to experience your rides over and over. Attach your GoPro GoPro Handlebar pole mount to the handle bars and get creating some amazing shots and videos living out your passion. 

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Cycling insurance from Towergate

Even when you have great cycle gadgets, you'll need to make sure you have cover for your bike in case things go wrong or accidents happen.

We can help you find cycling insurance that is right for your needs. See our cycling insurance product page for more information.