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  • Solo and tandem skydive insurance for amateur, professional and trainee skydivers
  • Policies available for the UK, Europe and worldwide

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What does a skydive insurance policy cover?

Personal liability cover

Our skydiving insurance can cover you for up to £5 million if you choose one if our European or worldwide policies. This covers your legal responsibility to third parties who may be injured, or have their property damaged due to an accident linked to your jump for which you are liable. This will not include damage to your own personal property.

A range of skydiving cover

Our sky diving insurance can provide cover for amateur jumpers, those in training and professionals, whether jumping from a plane or simply preparing in a vertical wind tunnel. In addition, the policy automatically lends itself to both solo and tandem jumps so you don’t have to feel restricted by your insurance. Cover is available to those aged between 18 and 75 years.

Peace of mind while skydiving

If you suffer an injury or fatality while skydiving, your Sky Cover policy can offer up to £50,000 for various scenarios, and more if you have medical cover. Disability cover is also included and, if the worst should happen, your family would receive funds from the policy. To keep your cover valid, make sure you adhere to the policy conditions as provided in your policy wording (for example, cover will not be valid if you are found to have alcohol in your blood stream over the UK drink drive limit when jumping).

Is this skydiving travel insurance?

No. We provide cover for single jumps in the UK, single trips to Europe, or worldwide and annual cover for either UK and European jumping, or worldwide jumping. On all policies which take you outside the UK you will have additional cover for your baggage up to £500 and money up to £100 as well as medical and liability. Our sky diving insurance is not an alternative to travel insurance and you should still have normal travel insurance in place for your trips abroad. Our policy only covers you whilst you are actually skydiving or in the plane flying up to do your sky dive.

Not sure which skydiving insurance policy you need?

Use our table to see the options available on each policy
  Single Jump UK £25* Single Jump Europe £49* Single Jump Worldwide £65* Annual Europe £186* Annual Worldwide £294*
Death up to £50,000
Loss of one or two limbs up to £50,000
Loss of sight in one or two eyes up to £50,000
Temporary total disablement up to 104 days excluding first 14 days

Up to £300

Up to £300

Up to £300

Permanent total disablement

Up to £50,000

Up to £50,000

Up to £50,000

Up to £50,000

Up to £50,000

Medical expenses up to £15,000
Disability assistance up to £5,000
Medical expenses including repatriation  

Up to £100,000

Up to £100,000

Up to £2,000,000

Up to £5,000,000

Personal liability

Up to £1,000,000

Up to £5,000,000

Up to £5,000,000

Up to £5,000,000

Up to £5,000,000

Baggage up to £500 with just £25 excess  
Money up to £100 with £25 excess  
*All premiums include insurance premium tax at current rates.

Skydiving Insurance Claims

Our claims team are based right here at Towergate so you won’t be passed around from pillar to post.

If you need to claim please make us aware as soon as possible and ensure you leave it no later than 30 days from the date of the incident before you let us know. You can do this by calling us or writing to us at Jellicoe House, Grange Drive, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 2AF.

It’s helpful to provide as much information as you can ready so we can get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. You can find a list of information we find useful in your policy wording.

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Skydiving Insurance FAQs

What if my jump is postponed?

If you have an annual policy you don’t need to worry about the date of your jump changing but for those who have a single jump insured, date is more important. If the weather means you have to postpone then all you need to do if fill in a short form to let us know. There’s no charge and you can change the date as many times as you need to up to a year after your original jump. You won’t need revised documents either, we’ll just update things our end so there’s no fuss. Just fill in a jump change form or call us on 0344 892 1515.

Can you cover me if I am not a UK resident?

Unfortunately our skydiving insurance is only designed for those who reside in the UK (excluding the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

Are there limits how often I can jump during an annual policy?

No, you can arrange as many jumps as you like during your period of insurance and still be covered.

How do the Single Trip Europe and Worldwide policies work; will they cover just one jump or a number of jumps?

You can take the single trip policies for s period of up to two weeks and jump as many times as you like during this time. These only cover the actual sky diving / parachuting aspect of your trip, not the normal travel insurance.

If my payment is rejected will I still be covered?

Our online quote and buy system will let you know if your payment method has been rejected. It’s important you check to make sure payment has gone through and whether or not you have an incident the premium will be payable. If you need to make a claim, we will not be able to proceed with your claim until the premium has been paid. If you are having trouble please call our team for assistance.

I have bought a Europe Wide Annual Policy. Can I upgrade it during the year to a Worldwide Policy?

None of the policies can be upgraded, changed or cancelled midterm. The only way is to buy the Worldwide Policy when you need it to start from.

I am going abroad for three weeks but only require the sky diving cover for a part of that. Can I still buy a policy?

Yes. Make sure that the start date of the short trip or annual policy starts on the date that you are actually going to do your sky dives. The policy period will run from that date.

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