About Publishers Insurance


Professional Indemnity Cover

Protection against negligent, error or omission, services or advice, defamation, copyright infringement etc.


Liability Cover for Publishers

Public liability, product liability and employers liability cover are included in our publishers cover as standard.


Specialist Cover for Publishers

Breakdown cover for machinery including repair, replacement costs, loss of profit/revenue for the period of downtime.


Pay for Publishers Insurance by Direct Debit

Among our payment options you can choose to split your payment into 10 monthly instalments. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

Features of Publishers Insurance

Standard cover

Professional Indemnity Cover for Publishers

Professional indemnity covers negligent, error or omission, services or advice which leads to a client’s financial loss including legal fees.

Covers typically include protection against:

  • Defamation or harm to reputation
  • Unclear contractual responsibilities leading to financial loss
  • Breach of contract which could be a dispute with a customer, or a third party is resulting in a legal matter (subject to an exclusion of onerous liability accepted under contract)
  • Copyright infringement (third party) your customers intellectual property
  • Breach of confidentiality / invasion of privacy

Publishers Liability Insurance

Public and products liability insurance should ideally be purchased together with Professional Indemnity cover. Our policy packages these aspects together to ensure there are no gaps in cover.

Employers’ liability cover is a legal requirement and should be included if you have an employees. This can offer protection against statutory liability for death, injury or disease to employees arising in the course of their employment including while working off-site.

Legal Advice for Publishers

Between the back-and-forth revisions, design adjustments, formatting errors and so on, it’s easy for things to go wrong and to realise too late in the process to fix it.

If you find that you’ve sent an incorrect version to the printers, you could find that you are left with stock which you are unable to sell.

As part of our publishing insurance, we offer free legal advice on issues such as claims, PR crisis management, debt recovery, tax and VAT advice and general business and legal advice.

Additional cover

Property Insurance

In addition to our standard package. We can offer property insurance to cover a number of risks included:

  • Buildings
  • Plant machinery
  • All other contents
  • Stock (including goods held in trust)
  • Business Interruption (including loss of revenue / loss of gross profit)
  • Equipment outside of the premises

Cyber Insurance for Publishers

As most businesses are ever more reliant on technology, the risks from suffering a loss related to problems with their computer systems, or holding sensitive customer data, continue to grow. In addition to the standard package we can provide a Cyber Insurance extension within your policy.

Typical covers include:

  • Breach Response Services are provided because of an actual or reasonably suspected Data Breach or Security Breach
  • Ransomware – Cyber extortion the biggest exposure, pays for the restoration of your system, after a breach, these costs including the payment of the ransom (where it is deemed necessary) can be considerable
  • First Party Loss (Own Damage) including loss of profit and or revenue.
  • Reputational Damage i.e., how to manage and correctly deal with stakeholder’s customers, employees, suppliers, (PR), Regulatory bodies (ICO)
  • Liability (Third Party) if a breach impacted other outside entities and are you legally liable e.g. unintentional transmission of a computer virus
  • eCrime (Cyber Crime, Social Engineering) – Where funds have been sent fraudulently, costing the business

Additional enhanced coverage which should be considered under separate policies

Management Liability (Directors and Officers Insurance)

Directors and Officers Insurance protects your personal for legal costs and awards in defending civil, criminal, regulatory claim or investigation.

It also covers you for defence costs incurred relating to civil, criminal, regulatory claim or investigation against the business (Corporate Legal Liability).

We can also include Employment Practices Liability which protects the business for claims from current and former employees alleging a breach of employment law (unfair dismissal).

Copyright Infringement (first party e.g. your own costs in pursuit of an infringer to protect your Intellectual Property)

Your own new ideas or concepts that can be commercialised need to be adequately protected against copyright infringement. This includes over to protect the patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property that makes your business competitive and successful.

Our policy covers the defence of patent and all other IP infringement claims being brought against you, including legal costs, damages, settlements and counterclaims.

The cost of for Pursuit of infringers is complicated and expensive, this policy provides this protection.

Investment in intellectual property costs a great deal. If a right is invalidated as a consequence of infringement action, this policy can repay that investment allowing your company to move onto the next project.

This cover can be provided on a Worldwide Basis.

Publishers Insurance FAQs


Can I pay for my publishers insurance in instalments?


To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.


Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?


If you would like to know more about our monthly payment option, please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.


Find your insurance documents

and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number


Call the claims team

on the number in your policy document and explain exactly what happened


Provide photos if requested

to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can

Relaxed Person Making Claim