Last year we brought you the true cost of maintaining a super yacht which on average, came to a staggering $275 million.

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So who can afford it? Well footballers for sure. Now with the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament upon us, we explore the contrasting costs behind the biggest teams and players in the competition and which boats represent their earnings.

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Lastly, it’s not quite built yet but the Triple Deuce will be the largest yacht in the world at an excessive 222 metres. This monster yacht will cost an insane £800 million to complete. Once you take care of the boat insurance, crew and fuel the Triple Deuce costs roughly the same as the entire Euro 2016 Tournament will cost UEFA in prize money, a staggering £1 billion.

Monster Yacht
Triple Deuce

* All the salaries are based on gross salary without bonus and sponsorship.
**Teams are based on the Panini magazine’s predicted line up.