Stay safe at sea with Safe Skipper's boating app

Discover Safe Skipper’s free app including boat safety check-lists, boat safety equipment, quizzes and more; all to test your understanding of boat safety requirements and ultimately keep you safe at sea.

Introducing Safe Skipper – Your go-to safety guide for life on the water

At Towergate Insurance, the well-being of our customers is at the heart of what we do. So we've teamed up with boating apps developer The Other Hat Ltd to bring you Safe Skipper; an app that will help develop your knowledge of safety precautions aboard your craft and how to stay safe at sea. Safe Skipper is available to download for all iPhone, iPad and android devices.

So what is Safe Skipper?

Safe Skipper is a reference app for skippers of recreational boats, whatever their levels of experience, who want to stay safe at sea. Safe Skipper was created in partnership with The Other Hat’s co-founders Simon Jollands and Stuart Batley, both experienced yachtsmen with a wealth of boating knowledge gained from over 25 years’ experience which includes producing and directing a series of sea safety videos for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

Why we love it...

How do I stay safe at sea?

Downloading this app should be your first port of call! Covered in the ‘Safety at Sea’ section are a few of the more obvious risks that might slip your mind.

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Common risks to crew members:

  • Seasickness, fatigue and hypothermia

  • Sunburn and Sunstroke (probably a lower risk of this around the UK with our weather!)

  • Head injuries from the boom or main sheet

  • Falling overboard

The app identifies and addresses these risks and more and is catered to all those who go to sea. For recreational boating in sailing yachts and powerboats, the world over and equally for commercial purposes, including boat safety requirements which could prove invaluable.

Boat safety equipment check list

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Make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment and emergency kit aboard should you find yourself in a tight spot. Safe Skipper has very detailed check lists for equipment that comprises of four categories, ‘Essentials’, ‘Mandatory’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘at your discretion’. Be sure to use these as your go to equipment check list before you set off on your boat.

Each section of the app features carefully researched safety information and practical tips, with more than 100 graphic illustrations, photos and diagrams which have been produced specially to demonstrate the points provided.

Whether you’re a veteran sailor of the seas or just starting out on the water, there is something for everyone aboard this app. It also works offline so before you set sail be sure to keep this close to hand and maybe it’ll help you get your sea legs before you know it.

Boat insurance

As a boat insurance provider, we love to promote health and safety at sea and we can’t recommend Safe Skipper’s app enough. We hope the information is enough to keep you safe at sea but just in case it’s always worth having boat insurance in place.

Written by Mark Turville.

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