An Infographic Guide to Co-Working for Businesses

What is co-working and can it work for your business? Our infographic details how shared or flexible working spaces can benefit SMEs, freelancers and start-ups. We also cover what co-working spaces can bring to a commercial landlord's offering.

What is co-working?

A style of work that involves a shared working environment, yet independent activity. Unlike the typical office environment, a co-working space is generally shared by individuals from different organizations and professions.

What impact does co-working have on businesses?

Impact of technology

The future working space: has a much lower reliance on IT infrastructure due to cloud computing, wifi and the widespread use of laptops and smartphones.

Productivity, creativity and lifestyle

71% of individuals working in co-working environments reported an increase in creativity and 62% of respondents say that co-working had led to an improved standard of work.

Benefits for landlords

According to Deloitte, the future office is to be far more basic than in the past with fewer requirements for large IT infrastructures and cooling systems.

Potential pitfalls of co-working

31% of respondents had heard colleagues make derogatory comments about those working flexibly and 27% think flexible working is inappropriate for managers. 

Take a look at our infographic guide explaining the impact co-working can have on a business.

(click for larger image):

Co-Working - infographic1

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Date: August 20, 2021

Category: Other

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