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Canoe and Kayak Insurance

A range of insurance cover options for canoes and kayaks, including:

  • Theft cover provided (check security conditions)
  • Options for non white-water and white-water use
  • Dedicated team to settle claims as quickly as possible

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Our canoe and kayak insurance features

Theft cover for canoes

We all know that the portability of canoes and kayaks make them an easy target for criminals. Fortunately, theft is covered (at market value), so you can enjoy some peace of mind. Just make sure that you secure your craft to keep it safer and meet the policy conditions for cover to apply.

White-water use

We have options for both non white-water and white-water use, available to buy online. This means that while extreme sports enthusiasts are navigating tricky stretches, damage caused by collisions or underwater objects is covered. Total loss of your canoe or kayak is also insured.

Online quote and buy

Our online quote and buy system is specifically tailored to your canoe and kayak needs. You'll only be asked the questions that are relevant to your craft type, saving you time and effort.

Dedicated claims team

Should you need to make a claim, we have a dedicated team on hand to authorise repairs or agree to payments. This way, you can get your canoe or kayak claim settled as quickly as possible.

Canoe and Kayak Insurance Claims

You can get in touch to let us know about a claim 24/7.

You can get started here by downloading the kayak and canoe claims form.

Photographs of any damage will help your claim along as the team can better assess what kind of repairs need to be made.

Need to speak to the claims team?

We’re here to help so call us on:

0330 018 2292

Canoe and Kayak Insurance Articles & Guides

Get tips and advice from our industry experts to ensure you get the best out of your canoeing insurance:

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The British Canoe Union (BCU) is the lead organisation supporting canoeing and kayaking in the UK. They have set up a grading system to help people assess which areas are suitable for their canoeing ability. In this article, we explain how the grading system is calculated and how you can be sure that you aren't putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

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Canoe and Kayak Insurance FAQs

What happens if I cannot visit my boat during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We understand that due to the Covid-19 outbreak you may be unable to visit your boat. Read our FAQs for this situation.

What security do I need to cover my trailer?

To make sure a trailer is secure whilst carrying your canoe or kayak, we ask you to ensure that a wheel clamp or hitch lock is fitted to the trailer whilst it is unattended. Not only does it help to deter theft of your craft and trailer, it also means your insurance will still be fully valid if the worst does happen.

Can I cover my kayak for use on white-water?

If you are using your kayak on white-water then all you need to do is let us know. Whether you are setting up your policy online or over the phone, you will be given the option to choose white water cover. Similarly, if you would like to add this on mid way through your policy, you are more than welcome to do so by giving the team a call. Bear in mind that prices differ according to craft type.

Which water grades would I be covered for?

Towergate policies cover grades 1-5 defined by the British Canoe Union (all white-water grades). To learn more about water grades read our guide to water grades.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you would prefer to spread the cost of your policy, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.

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