Marketing in the Care Industry

The care industry is changing with uncertainty around future local authority funding, direct payments and privately funded care, as well as changes in the CQC's inspection programmes and the consumer 'rate-your-care' scheme. For those in the care industry, staying ahead means adapting and taking control of the future.

Taking care of the future

Regardless of the outcome of all the care sector changes, there are some certainties; there will be a much stronger consumer voice in the industry and care will be increasingly funded by individuals and their families. Care provision, in whatever form it is delivered, has typically been a decision made at a crisis point in a person's life, however, it is becoming more common for this decision to be planned ahead by the individual and their family. Therefore, there is a need to engage with people at all stages of their journey - from the initial considerations to their final decisions and this is where marketing will play an important part for companies.

Marketing for care businesses

Marketing has changed a great deal in recent years. Customer engagement and relationship building are essential for long-term business stability and growth, and this includes the care industry. The way businesses communicate with their future potential customers has evolved considerably in the last few years and continues to do so. Having an online profile and well-developed social media presence in order to help you engage with existing and potential customers.

The importance of an online presence

For friends and relatives wanting to help service users look for the right care, the internet is often the first place they look. People are busy and short on time and therefore want to be able to look at alternatives efficiently in order to make their decision. First impressions are more important than ever and judgments are made when people view your website or social media profiles. Having a well-developed online presence can impact on long-term business sustainability.

In summary, the changes in the care industry will result in a need for businesses to be more ‘marketing aware’. Long term sustainability and profitability will rest with those companies who can be found online, project the right image and develop appropriate communications and relationships with their future customer base, friends and families.