Taking Care of Yourself and Others as a Charity Worker

Stresses on charities during the Covid-19 pandemic

We can never predict what may be around the corner and 2020 has proved this by throwing us into anxious and pressured times that we could not have imagined twelve months ago. Read our tips to coping with stress as a charity worker.

Charities across the UK have been hit particularly hard by various government lockdowns and restrictions as well as the way people are now spending their time and money. The pressure to meet budgets and deadlines, look after staff and service users as well as get enough funds to support all the work you do, may seem too much and we wanted to share some simple, yet effective tips to help take care of yourself and your workforce.

Coping with a stressful situation as a charity worker

Over a short period of time, stress doesn’t tend to cause much damage, providing you let yourself take the foot off the pedal when you start to feel anxious. However, getting stuck in a stressful situation, such as a worldwide pandemic, it begins to get harder to let go of worries and stresses which can then become dangerous.

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James Anscombe Cert CII is a respected industry leader with over 10 years' business development experience protecting clients in the charity insurance sector. His professional area of expertise is working with and developing new clients within the not-for-profit sector, offering the best solutions to each individual charity to protect organisations for the long term.


Disclaimer: This article is intended for your general knowledge and does not substitute for the advice of a medical professional. It should not be used to diagnose or treat a problem.

Charity insurance from Towergate

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Tips for charity workers to relieve stress

We understand that with all the new guidelines, new restrictions, local lockdowns, circuit breakers, etc, your to-do-list may be getting longer and longer, causing frustration, worry and anxiety around what may be coming next.

To help you, follow our tips for when you’re feeling stressed:

  • Be realistic – you cannot do anything and everything at any given time, you aren’t a superhero! Set realistic goals and jobs for you and your staff.
  • Be flexible and compromise where it’s beneficial – it may be the case that compromise is actually a better way of working and may be less stressful for you or your team.
  • Think positively and try to see the good in difficult situations. We understand how hard it is to think positively when you may be feeling stressed, but this is also a chance to start thinking of new ways of working, fundraising and getting support for your charity from your local communities.
  • Try not to take work problems home – we will all be guilty of this at some point in our lives but it is really important that you try to keep a work-life balance. Cook yourself a nice meal, start a new book or find a new Netflix series to watch.