Quotes from Past Care Awards Winners and Finalists

The 2016 Towergate Care Awards finalists were invited to a ceremony at the Berkeley Hotel in London. Read about their reflections on the day and what it was like to receive recognition for their contributions to care.

Tom Fisher, Fostering Contribution of the Year

Tom Fisher

I loved the day we went to London on the train, I had a very nice lunch and the awards ceremony was fun. Sally Philips made me laugh and she gave me a certificate and some superhero Lego. I met also lots of other people who do amazing things to help other people. It’s important to help and look after other people because sometimes they can’t manage this on their own. At the lunch I met some of the Fostering Network Team and I said I would do some fundraising. I started Quid a Kid you can read more about this here. Since the lunch Towergate have helped me with my Quid a Kid Campaign and lots of the Towergate team helped me fundraise and some even joined me on one of my fundraising events called the Colour Run. I would like to say a big thank you it was a great day!

Tom Fisher, Finalist, Fostering Contribution of the Year 2016

We are a family who fosters and Tom has been fostering for over half his life. I nominated Tom because I am very proud of him and as his mum his number one cheerleader. Tom has shown kindness and been a great support during our fostering journey. He is generous, kind and inclusive even when this is not always reciprocated. Attending the Care Awards was a great occasion to celebrate and appreciate the hard work and dedication that Tom and so many in the care industry put in, it was a very special day for him and it inspired him to go on and do more. It very humbling and inspiring to hear about how much many other nominees do to support the care industry. As a finalist Tom was made to feel very special and he was inspired by other finalists to do more. On the journey home Tom formulated his fundraising plan and started his Kid A Quid a campaign a big challenge but he will do it! The day was a lovely occasion and Tom was thoroughly spoiled by the Towergate Team they have continued to be a great support and have made a very generous donation to Tom’s fundraising and many of the staff have supported and joined him on several fundraising events too.

Alex Camellin, Tom's mother

Steve Tallett, Volunteer of the Year

Steve Tallett, Volunteer of the Year

The Towergate Awards were both an amazing and humbling experience for me.

Amazing in the sense of being in the company of such incredible people and humbling to know that all volunteers are worthy of such a nomination. So many people across the UK give their time, experience and compassion for free. And many of these volunteers provide the care and support for vulnerable people that the state can no longer give. These awards not only acknowledge and celebrate this brilliant work and the organisations involved but also bring a greater public awareness and understanding towards volunteering and caring as a whole. Since winning the award, I've continued to do the same voluntary work I was doing before - counselling teenagers, supporting people of disability and working with survivors of sexual abuse.

I'd encourage everybody who knows someone who makes a difference in the voluntary and care industries to nominate them for the Towergate awards. All of these people are worthy of recognition for their contribution, kindness and empathy. They are the everyday heroes of our schools, hospitals, care homes and communities. And since they're the last people to ever expect recognition or thanks for what they do, it's even more reason to nominate, celebrate and hopefully one day emulate the exceptional humans they all are.

Steve Tallett, 2016 Winner of Volunteer of the Year

Rachel Dilley, Practice Manager of the Year

Rachel Dilley, Practice Manager of the Year

Winning this award has been life changing!!! I didn't realise the recognition this would bring to me, my team and my practices. I was so surprised to be nominated and didn't realise that I made such a difference in peoples life's but this has always been a heart felt desire of mine. My charity work is so important to me and the more successful my Practice is the more I can do for them.

This has made me even more determined to succeed in everything I do and to look after others as I would my own family. I have since set you my own consulting business with Julie encouraging other practices to be the best they can and improve there patient experience. I have also been approached by Wired Orthodontics' to run my own Treatment Co Coordinating course under there name so I will be teaching in February 2017 what an honour. I am also so very happy and privileged to have become the Managing Director of theroom@townhall, this is a new business vision of Dr Imran Rangzeb and I which will be on the top floor of Town Hall Dental and managed by me. It is going to be a multi functional conference and executive suites which the whole community can use and eventually we will host our own teaching here look out for my Facebook page it is going to be amazing!!! Lastly, I am so excited to be a finalist in the best team member of the north of England at this years dentistry awards and my practice and team are also finalists of Best Practice, Best Patient Care, Best Team and Best Young Dentist. (I will update you if we are fortunate enough to win some awards this would be an amazing end to a very busy year!)

I am so very happy that I was nominated and won this award. I would encourage any one to enter - dreams really can become reality I know mine have!!

Rachel Dilley, 2016 Winner of Practice Manager of the Year

Jenny Taylor, Dedication to Early Years

Jenny Taylor, Dedication to Early Years

I was amazed to be nominated – and stunned to have won! To have my work and that of Sense, recognised in such a special way meant a lot. I thoroughly enjoy working as an Intervenor for Sense. It is a huge pleasure to be a part of these children's lives, to support them and their families as they grow and develop, so to win an award for a job I love was a real honour. The whole experience was really encouraging and exciting. It was really exciting to be part of such a magnificent ceremony, and to hear so many stories of people’s engagement and passion for their work and their clients. The process highlighted the support that charities like Sense offer those with disabilities to live active and fulfilling lives.

After a brief appearance in the national press and local paper (to the delight of my family and friends!), life has continued as normal. I remain busy working for Sense supporting children, adults, and families living with dual sensory challenges, and volunteering in the local community here in Potters Bar.

It’s a great way to express appreciation for your colleague’s dedication and professionalism – and we all need that kind of encouragement ! It also raises the profile of an area of work or charity that you feel is important and/or significant. On top of that, the awards ceremony is an amazing event and experience.

Jenny Taylor, 2016 Winner of Dedication to Early Years

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