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Why You Should Not Cancel Your Care Professional Liability Insurance

Read why it is crucial not to cancel your professional liability cover as a care worker, despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Why is it important not to cancel my care professional liability insurance?

Under the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and the preventative measures that have been put in place as a result, we fully sympathise and understand that you may be considering cancelling your insurance policy due to needing to carefully manage your expenses.

However, we have a responsibility to inform you of any impact caused by this action. This cover is complex and under certain circumstances, cancelling your cover midterm or allowing your policy to expire at renewal could have a detrimental impact on your protection provided to you by the policy. In doing so, you could be left significantly at risk for any of your past work carried out over the years.

Check before you change your policy

We would therefore strongly recommend, that before you consider cancelling or lapsing your policy, that you speak to us to ensure you are not left exposed in any way.

More information on your care professional liability insurance

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