Sickness Cover Reimbursement Following GMS Contract Changes

We are aware of a recent announcement from NHS England regarding reimbursements of sickness cover for GP’s and as a leading provider of locum insurance, we are keen to support you while the details of what this looks like are being worked through. This article outlines what you need to be aware of for the time being.

How Will the GMS Contract Changes Affect Practices?

At the moment, limited information has been released in relation to this reimbursement, but initial details suggest that reimbursements will be made after 2 weeks, up to £1,734.18 per week and for cover being provided by locums or existing part-time salaried GP’s.

We understand that this could be an unsettling time for those of you who currently purchase locum insurance, and you’re unsure how this may affect you and your practice – particularly when budgets are being constantly squeezed.

Therefore, we want to reassure you that we are having conversations with sector experts, including NHS England, GPC members and various LMC’s to gather more information about these changes and what impact they will have. As soon as we are in a position to give you more specific information and guidance, we will do so, but please rest assured that we are committed to ensuring that you won’t be unnecessarily exposed as a result of any changes.

What Should I Do Next?

The advice at this stage is not to make a rash decision regarding your need for locum insurance, until more details have been released; to understand if and how your staff absence requirements may change.

We have spoken to one of our customers, Dr Eggitt - a member of the GPC who said-

“GP’s pay locum insurance, so a potential win is that you could cancel your locum insurance, because two weeks in you get sickness pay. But I want to know the details - it would be catastrophic if GPs go ahead and cancel locum insurance only to find there is a clause that means they shouldn't have - the detail is very important.”

Download the PDF version of this Sickness Cover Reimbursement Following GMS Contract Changes guide.

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