A Guide to Locum Insurance

When a locum is required to cover an absence in a medical practice it can be a stressful and costly time. Locum insurance can help your practice to continue putting patients first and protect you from the increased cost of working as a result of a staff absence.

What's in this guide?

Our guide will help you understand locum insurance, the different types of cover available and how this type of insurance can help you to meet your duty of care to your patients.

What's in this guide?

What is locum insurance?

Locum insurance is designed to cover you against the increased cost of working as a result of a staff absence. A claim can cover you for the costs of aspects such as calling in a locum and providing sickness pay. Locum insurance is designed to cover a range of different medical practices, including GPs, vets, dentists and opticians as well as pharmacists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

Do I need locum insurance?

For any busy medical practice staff absence can be difficult and leave you unable to provide your service to your patients. With a locum insurance policy designed to suit your needs you can ensure that your practice can continue operating as quickly as possible. Our policy gives you access to an in-house team who can respond quickly to a claim, meaning that your patients can remain at the forefront.


What does locum insurance cover?

Locum insurance policies cover a range of different absence types, from illness and jury service to personal accident and bereavement. It is possible to extend policies to cover stress-related absences and maternity cover. The majority of staff absences are unavoidable and protecting your practice and your patients is key to your business. By covering a range of different types of absence you can continue striving to meet your duty of care.

Things to consider when choosing your locum insurance

When choosing your policy it is important that you consider how your practice copes with staff absence. It is possible to tailor your policy to suit your needs and contingency plans, so whether you would rather have cover from the first day of absence or feel that you could cope for two weeks with an absence, you can choose the deferment period to suit you. Typically, the higher your excess/deferment period is, the cheaper your premium is likely to be, so we would always advise you to think about how locum insurance fits within your contingency plans and budget.

Whilst the vast majority of absences are entirely unavoidable, there are a number of stress-related absences every year which could potentially be reduced or even prevented by taking steps to help limit work-related stress. Ensuring that working conditions are good and the practice is inclusive and supportive may help to reduce absences due to work-related stress.

Cover from Towergate

We can offer tailored locum insurance policies designed to suit your needs and give you peace of mind. For more information visit our dedicated locum insurance page or speak to a specialist adviser on 0330 123 5264.