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Churches and Religious Buildings Insurance

Cover for churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious buildings.

  • Insurance for religious buildings and their contents
  • Trustees' and publishers’ indemnity cover
  • Up to £10m in public and employers' church liability insurance

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Faith insurance can include:

Religious building and contents cover

Whether it be a church, temple, mosque, synagogue or gurdwara, we provide customised insurance for buildings to suit the unique needs of the religious institution. This includes contents cover for expensive items used for everyday or worshipful purposes, as well as members’ and visitors’ personal effects. Please check your faith insurance policy to see what T&Cs may apply.

Public and employers' liability for churches

We can provide cover of up to £10 million in respect of accidental injury to members of the public, as well as injury to your church volunteers. This includes accidental loss or damage to material property happening during the course of service and/or the daily running of the religious institution. We also offer employers' liability for church employees and volunteers.

Trustees' indemnity insurance

As a Trustee, you can be held personally liable if a claim is made against you. Trustees’ indemnity insurance provides protection if you are accused of a ‘wrongful act’ or breach of trust. Cover includes investigating and defending the claim brought against you. If you are found to be negligent, awards may be made and paid out by your faith insurance policy (subject to certain exclusions).

Publishers’ indemnity insurance

Publishers' indemnity protects you from the potential risk of libel, slander, infringement of trademark, etc. arising from your official religious publications. This can include your digital media, such as online brochures. Publishers’ indemnity insurance provides cover for the cost of legal action taken against the church, including defence and court fees.

In addition to the above, you can choose to add the following covers to your church insurance policy:

  • Items used away from the church premises (projectors, laptops etc.)
  • Personal Accident cover for employees and volunteers
  • Legal Expenses cover for Employment Disputes
  • Cover for pastoral and outreach work
  • Childcare cover for schools and nurseries managed by the organisation

Churches and Religious Buildings Insurance Claims

Towergate have many years' experience working together with charitable and religious organisations. We not only understand the landscape and the risks involved, but also the vast differences between the various faiths and their places of worship, as well as the subtle differences from one church to another.

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Churches and Religious Buildings Insurance FAQs

What is faith or church insurance (and do I need it)?

Church or faith insurance protects your religious institution from physical damage (e.g. building damage as a result of natural disaster or vandalism) or theft. It can also protect you from third party and employee claims of negligence, as well as accusations of publisher slander, infringement of trademark, etc. Other covers can be added to your policy, such as personal accident, legal expenses, pastoral work and childcare cover.

As a beacon of morality, it is even more imperative for religious institutions to protect themselves from legal and reputational harm. If a claim is brought against you or the building itself is damaged, the church (as a not for profit organisation) may struggle to pay for the costs associated with it. In these cases, the faith insurance policy will pay out for damaged incurred, subject to certain exclusions. Please note that other terms and conditions may also apply.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance provides cover against your legal liability to pay damages arising if ever a visitor to your religious premises is injured on site, or if one of your employees injures or causes damage to a third party whilst working for you.

How do I know what level of liability cover I need?

As every profession is open to different risks and claims are unforeseeable events, it’s not possible to recommend an exact level of cover. However, our best advice is to select the highest amount of cover you can reasonably afford. While there may be some flexibility in your faith insurance policy, we would suggest a minimum of £5 million in respect of public liability.

Is my religious building and its content covered?

Whether it be through fire, natural disaster, malicious damage or theft, your religious premises and its contents are covered. Terms and conditions apply, so be sure to review your policy and its indemnity limits.

Are all types of religious buildings covered?

Yes, for the most part. Whether it be a church, temple, mosque, synagogue or gurdwara, we provide customised insurance for buildings to suit the unique needs of the religious institution. However, in very unusual circumstances, certain exclusions may apply.

Are volunteers covered?

Yes, the definition of an employee includes both paid and unpaid members of staff. Hence, full cover is extended to volunteers in all relevant sections of your policy..

Are trustees covered?

Yes. You are covered for a wrongful act committed in the capacity of a trustee director or officer.

Can I pay for my faith insurance policy in instalments?

If you would like to spread the cost of your church and religious buildings insurance policy, we offer the option to set up a direct debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our regulatory information.

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