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Coach Travel Insurance

Our coach travel insurance offers specialist solutions to suit your holiday.

  • 24/7 emergency medical service
  • No age loadings or upper age limit, plus no proposal form to complete
  • Medical and personal liability cover limits of up to £2 million

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Coach Travel Insurance Features

Cover for cancelled trips

Not being able to make your trip is upsetting, even more so if the coach tour operator applies their scale of cancellation charges. Our coach travel insurance can protect you if you're forced to cancel your trip in the event of illness, injury or death whether suffered by you, your travelling companion(s) or a close relative. We can offer up to £1,500 for trips to the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Europe, and up to £3,500 for trip elsewhere in the world. Cover also includes such things as jury service, redundancy or damage to your home caused by such things as fire, theft, storm or water damage. Note that if the cancellation is due to circumstances known before you purchase the policy or trip, you will not be covered.

Cover for your baggage and money

For the most people, their coach trip will happen without incident, but you may be unlucky enough to experience loss, theft or damage to your baggage or money during the trip. Our coach travel insurance provides up to £1,500 for your baggage and up to £200 for your money. It's also worth noting that if you arrive at your hotel and your baggage is lost, our policy covers you for up to £100 for purchasing essential items if it takes more than 12 hours for you to be reunited with your baggage.

Medical costs and emergency medical expenses

Inevitably some travellers may fall ill or have an accident during their trip. Our coach travel insurance provides up to £1,500 for unexpected additional accommodation, repatriation and travel costs in the UK and up to £2 million for medical and additional accommodation, repatriation and travel expenses in Europe. This includes 24/7 emergency medical assistance provided by Towergate Assistance.

No proposal forms to complete

We try to make taking out our coach travel insurance as quick and easy as possible so that you can get on with looking forward to and enjoying your trip. This is why we don't ask you to complete a proposal form. You can apply for our coach travel insurance online or why not give our experienced team a call.

Coach Travel Insurance Claims

Medical emergencies

We have an emergency assistance company available to assist with medical emergencies and repatriation requirements. Call Towergate Assistance on 020 3901 1722.

Need to make a claim?

To make a claim, either call us on the number below or download the relevant forms:

Or call us on

03450 744 838,
email us at for more information

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Coach Travel Insurance FAQs

Will I be able to be insured if I have a medical condition?

This will be assessed on a case by case basis. The medical screening experts will ask you several questions relating to your health condition and this will determine whether we are able to offer you cover. Please be reassured, everything you tell the team is treated with the utmost confidentiality and your details will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation.

Will the E111 / EHIC health agreement still be valid after Brexit?

No. The UK’s reciprocal health agreements (E111 / EHIC) with the EU will come to an end on the 1/1/2021.

It is therefore vital when travelling within Europe you purchase adequate travel insurance, if you wish to be covered should you require medical treatment.

What are the details of the Money Advice Service’s customer contact centre for travel insurance queries?

If for some reason we are unable to find you affordable travel insurance for your medical conditions, the Money Advice Service has introduced a service to help you.

If you need to speak to the Money Advice Service regarding travel insurance you can contact them online, or by phone Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, on 0800 138 7777 or

You can also see more information on OK to Travel.

Can I get a quote for coach travel insurance if I have not booked with an operator listed on the online form?

Yes. If you have not booked with one of the specific operators on our dropdown list, please choose ‘Towergate Chapman Stevens’, or if your trip includes flying, ‘Towergate Chapman Stevens including flights’.

Are there any restrictions on age?

Yes, but there aren't many. The personal accident section has lower sums insured for children under 16 years old and adults of 66 years and older and the personal money section has a lower sum insured for children under 16-years old. However, unlike some other travel insurance companies, our coach travel insurance has no upper age limit or increased premiums for older travellers. It is worth noting that an additional premium might be required for some pre-existing medical conditions.

Do I need to declare my pre-existing medical conditions?

If you’re travelling to UK then we don’t require you to declare your pre-existing medical conditions, although our coach travel insurance does have some health conditions that you will need to comply with. If however you’re travelling outside of the UK you will be asked whether you currently have, or have had any medical conditions (excluding childhood and minor ailments not requiring treatment).

If you do you must telephone MediScreen, our in-house medical screening service, on 0344 892 1698. MediScreen is available weekdays between 9am and 5pm, excluding bank holidays.

You may have to pay an additional premium to cover your medical conditions.

What happens if I fall ill on my trip?

Don’t panic. Our coach travel insurance policy includes 24/7 emergency medical assistance provided by Towergate Assistance. Simply give them a call on 020 3901 1722 and they’ll provide immediate assistance which, upon confirmation of policy cover, includes but is not limited to the following: additional accommodation, travel and repatriation, liaising with doctors and relatives and if you’re not in the UK, paying medical costs.

What happens if I lose my passport on a trip abroad?

Our coach travel insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a replacement passport. What it does do is to cover the additional costs, such as travel and accommodation, of travelling to the nearest UK embassy or consulate to obtain travel documents in time for your return journey, enabling you to get back to the UK.

What if I oversleep and miss my return journey?

Unfortunately this is not something that our coach travel insurance can cover.

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