Commercial Drone Insurance

Expert liability and hull protection for commercial drones users.

  • Specialist aviation cover and claims service for commercial use of drones
  • Covers multiple drones, unlimited CAA-qualified pilots and meets EU regulation EC785/2004 and CAA requirements
  • No exclusions or distinctions between hazardous and non-hazardous locations

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Features of our commercial drone insurance

Cover for a variety of commercial drone uses

Our commercial drone insurance policy covers drone use such as film and media, search and rescue operations, surveys, security, construction and agriculture.

Operators' liability cover

Our policy will cover you for bodily injury and damage to third parties caused by your drone, up to £50 million, giving you peace of mind.

Cyber protection

If you suffer a cyber attack that jams external control of your drone, any collisions or incidents resulting from the attack are covered.

Loss, theft and damage

Providing cover for loss, theft or damage, at your premises or in transit, including hijacking so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your business operations are protected.

Commercial Drone Insurance Claims

Our commercial drones insurance claims team are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. They work with aviation specialists, including lawyers so they understand the issues that can arise and how best to support you.

In the event someone raises an allegation or claim against you, or even if you're not sure, contact us immediately. You won't prejudice your policy so even if no claim arises you can still have peace of mind.

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Commercial Drone Insurance Articles & Guides

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Commercial Drone Insurance FAQs

How do I show the CAA that your cover is compliant with their requirements?

The policy wording shows your cover is compliant, subject to weight of your drone which dictates the level of liability you need. This is important to check as otherwise you won’t meet CAA requirements or EU regulation EC785/2004. If it’s easier, we can complete the CAA questionnaire for you – it’s all part of the service.

Do I need to have any drone-related qualifications to buy this cover?

Yes, if you are the policy holder, you must hold a CAA license with at least ten hours' flying experience or be undertaking formal training. The cover is for multiple drones and unlimited qualified pilots.

Do you cover hired in equipment?

We can cover this – you will need to let us know so we can endorse your policy. There’s no extra charge.

What do you mean by hazardous and non-hazardous locations?

Some insurers will only cover your commercial drone operating over ‘hazardous’ locations (such as a city or oil rig) with prior notification. We think flying over any location might present a hazard and that this requirement is onerous and unnecessary, so we don’t make any distinction. With our policy you’re covered.

Are there any restrictions on where I’m operating my drone?

Sometimes the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against travel to certain countries. We might still be able to support your business requirement to travel and operate – please call us with the details.

Am I covered if my drone is stolen on location?

Yes. If your drone is stolen on location, then we don’t need to see visible signs of theft. If your drone is stolen from your premises or vehicle, then we would anticipate some signs of break-in as well as a crime number from the police.

Why have you teamed up with an aviation insurer?

The potential liability issues arising from operating a drone commercially are much closer to those that happen in aviation. In working with a leading aviation insurer all aspects of cover, service and claims (including access to specialist lawyers) we benefit from this specific area of expertise.

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