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Landlord Home Emergency Insurance Explained

Landlord home emergency cover is insurance which covers you for home emergencies – like the boiler at your rental property breaking down, blocked drains, broken windows or doors – or possibly even a mice infestation. It usually comes with different levels to choose, from a basic landlord boiler breakdown policy, through to an extensive range of domestic disasters. This guide to landlord home emergency insurance explains the key features of home emergency cover and what to look for in a policy.

What is landlord home emergency insurance?

Landlord home emergency insurance is essentially landlord boiler breakdown insurance, but it covers other domestic emergencies too – for example, blocked drains, or pest infestations. There are usually different levels of cover you can choose from, depending what you want to be insured against.

Is landlord home emergency insurance a legal requirement?

No, landlords aren’t required to have home emergency insurance! It can, however, come in useful for landlords who manage their own properties but can’t be hands-on. So, if you live far away from some of your rental properties, don’t have any trusted tradesmen on speed dial, or simply don’t want to be the person sorting out a plumber at 3am - it could be a useful cover for you. It’s could also be a financially savvy option if your business can’t cover large, unexpected expenses, but can cover a smaller monthly fee.

Features of landlord home emergency insurance

Landlord home emergency insurance features emergency repair cover for your heating system, drainage and water system, and any other covered perils in your terms and conditions, up to a certain limit for the period of the policy (normally 12 months). You should also get access to a of 24-hour helpline, and a network of pre-approved emergency tradespeople.

Limitations of home emergency insurance

It’s important to be aware of the limitations of home emergency cover. Home emergency insurance will only patch-up the emergency – for instance boarding up and securing a broken window. To get a replacement you might have to claim on your general landlords’ insurance policy.

Home emergency insurance will also only kick-in for real emergencies! General wear and tear, or events which aren’t causing your property ongoing damage or your tenants immediate issues, won’t be counted.

As with all insurance policies, it’s important to read the small print of what you’re getting, and all the inclusions and exclusions. There’s no point getting a home emergency policy on your 20-year-old boiler if the terms and conditions state the boiler needs to be less than 15 years old.

Can you buy landlord home emergency cover by itself?

Usually, you can’t buy landlord home emergency insurance as a stand-alone cover - landlord home emergency insurance comes as an optional extra on top of a general landlords’ insurance policy.

Does Towergate offer landlord boiler or home emergency cover?

At Towergate, we don’t currently offer our own landlord emergency breakdown insurance but our partner company, Simple Landlords Insurance, does. They offer landlord emergency cover as an add-on to a landlords’ insurance policy. What’s more, as a Towergate customer you’ll get a 10% discount for your Simple policy – use the discount code TWGT10 when it asks you for one a as part of your quote.

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