Insuring for Malicious Damage by Tenants

We run through the ins and outs of insurance for malicious damage, caused by tenants in your property. We also explain what you can do to protect yourself against such an unfortunate event.


Video transcript

Many tenants will be honest people who wouldn’t want to cause damage to your property. After all, you may own the property, but your tenants live there so why would they make it a bad place to be?

Once in a while however, you have the misfortune of having a tenant who isn’t quite so honest or respectful of your property.

Getting cover for malicious damage or theft can be tricky. Some insurers won’t cover it at all where as others will cover it but charge a high excess – sometimes as much as £1500.

Though it’s a great idea to get yourself covered against malicious damage, it’s also good to look at ways you can reduce the risk of it happening in the first place. The first place to start is to have a tenancy agreement in place which documents your expectations and requirements as a landlord. This is also a useful document in terms of listing an inventory of your own possessions in the property.

You can also ask for a deposit. Sometimes a higher deposit will incentivise tenants to treat your property well so as to make sure they get as much of their deposit back as possible.

It can also help to get your tenants referenced. This can sometimes highlight potential problems early so you can either find different tenants or take action to make sure the tenant doesn’t cause problems.

If you have any further questions on malicious damage cover or you’d like to upgrade your policy to include it, speak to our helpful landlord's team.

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