Coach Travel Insurance Guide

What is coach travel insurance?

Do you need specific coach travel insurance for your trip, and if so what are some of the most common features and exclusions? Read our guide to find out.

Coach travel insurance covers the cost of cancelled trips if you're forced to pull out due to the illness, injury or death of you, your travelling companion(s) or a close relative. It can also cover the cost of medical treatment, repatriating you home and the value of your luggage if lost, stolen or damaged.

You can also purchase coach travel insurance to protect against you being called up for jury service, redundancy or damage to your home caused by such things as fire, theft, storm or water damage.

The cover you can expect can depend on where you are travelling, so it is always best to check your policy wording.

What does coach travel insurance cover?

As well as cover for illness, emergency accommodation and cancelled trips coach travel insurance is there for you if you lose possessions or are robbed.

If you are unlucky enough to experience loss, theft or damage to your baggage or money during the trip, you can be left stranded. Coach travel insurance policies can potentially provide £1,500 for your baggage and £200 cover for lost or stolen cash.

Other things to consider when buying coach travel insurance

Coach travel insurance companies may need you to declare pre-existing medical conditions, so it is always best to check when buying your policy.

Coach travel insurance from Towergate

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Do I need coach travel insurance?

If you are travelling outside of the UK, it is important to consider the unexpected, particularly around the risk of illness.  24/7 emergency medical assistance while abroad is an important cover to consider. 

Coach travel insurance policies can potentially cover £1,500 for unexpected additional accommodation, repatriation and travel costs in the UK and £2 million for medical and additional accommodation, repatriation and travel expenses in Europe. If you’re not in the UK, medical costs are also covered.

What can be excluded from coach travel insurance?

When buying a coach travel insurance policy, these are common exclusions:

  • Missing your journey due to oversleeping or other avoidable causes is not usually covered.
  • An additional premium might be required if you have pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Some travel companies will have an upper limit or increased premiums for older travellers
  • The cost of a replacement for a lost or stolen passport may not be covered. However, travel and accommodation costs to get to a UK embassy or consulate, to obtain travel documents to get back to the UK, usually are.

Note that if the cancellation is due to circumstances known before you purchase the policy or trip, you will not be covered.

As all coach travel insurance policies will be different, please check your policy documents carefully to make sure you are covered for your needs.