What Does Jewellery Insurance Cover?

Jewellery insurance covers items such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and rings against loss, theft and damage. Our policy can even cover your jewellery abroad. Jewellery insurance works on a ‘sums insured’ basis meaning your cover and premiums will differ according to the total value of your jewellery. Here's a little more information to help you understand the cover.

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Your jewellery is irreplaceable – in some cases, priceless. So that may make it difficult for you to give us the total value of your jewellery. Sadly we can’t replace the emotional loss you may face if something happens to your jewellery but we can cover the cost of repairing or replacing it where possible.

Our Jewellery Insurance Policy

Some insurers will offer stand-alone jewellery insurance. We offer jewellery insurance as part of a wider ‘high value home insurance’ policy. That means you can include other items in your sums insured such as high value art, furniture, electrical items and even musical instruments. You may be able to cover your jewellery under your regular home insurance but the limits on the sums insured may be too low for your collection.

In terms of the material your jewellery is made of, our policy covers almost anything. Pearls, precious stones, silver, gold, and platinum – it’s all covered. If you purchase new jewellery, it’s automatically covered for 45 days to give you time to update your policy with the new item. Unfortunately we can’t cover your items if they’re being fixed or valued and held at another premises. However, the business may pay out if your items are lost or stolen.

Getting a Jewellery Valuation

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The National Association of Jewellers' Institute of Registered Valuers lists accredited valuers across the UK on its website. It is recommended that you have you jewellery valued every two to three years.

You should discuss the type of valuation you require for insurance with your valuer. Many insurers apply a "New for Old" replacement clause to jewellery insurance which may not be what you want for antique jewellery.