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As equine specialists we’ll search our panel of insurance providers for a policy which fits you and your horses.

  • We offer a range of policies from basic to fully comprehensive including limited mileage discounts
  • Factory fitted accessories for horse boxes and conversions from lorries including living quarters can be covered
  • European cover – If you’re driving abroad talk to us about getting a policy which covers you

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Our team are horse enthusiasts themselves and will search our panel of insurance policies to find the best fit. Read on for more of our great benefits.

Market value replacement

We offer true market value for your horse box and we don’t assume your horse box depreciates at a set rate each year. This means that should you lose or have your box stolen, we will work with you to understand the actual market value at the time of loss. This means you should get a fairer settlement should you need to claim.

Limited mileage discounts

We take into account the amount you use your horse box and give discounts for customers with annual mileages under 1500, 3000, 5000, 8000 and 10000 miles. We know that if you drive fewer miles you’re more likely to be lower risk and we feel you should be rewarded for that.

17 year olds and upwards

Many of our customers turn to us because they have been unable to find cover for an under 25 driver. Young people are often discriminated against but at Towergate we can find policies which will insure fully licensed drivers of 17+ years, both in their name and as named drivers on someone else’s policy.

Theft and malicious damage

We can provide cover for theft and malicious damage for horse boxes of all shapes, sizes and values. To reduce your risk of theft, we do encourage our customers to take security precautions such as immobilisers, and regular safety checks. Please be aware that some insurers require security arrangements to be in place to validate the cover.

Horse Box Insurance Claims

Your horse trailer insurance claim will be managed and settled by a "Four Counties Insurance" (a trading name of Towergate Insurance), the friendly equine team there are dedicated to helping you keep your claim moving forward.

Simply call using the number below and they'll advise you of the next steps in the process. They'll also continue to guide you through as and when you need them to thereafter.

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Horse Box Insurance FAQs

If I make additions, do I need to tell you?

Yes. As it affects the value of the horse box. Tell us if you make any upgrades or changes to the set up of the original box.

Are my horses covered whilst in transit?

Unfortunately not. However, this cover is usually included with your horse insurance. If you are in any doubt, please check with your horse insurance provider.

Is driving other cars included?

No driving other vehicles is usually excluded under a horse box policy. You will need your own separate standard car insurance to cover you behind the wheel of other vehicles.

Can I get a replacement horse box if I’m involved in an accident?

No however, with our legal cover add-on you may be able to pursue a claim for the cost of recovery and hire vehicle against the motorist at fault.

Can I protect my no-claims bonus?

Yes, we can offer a no claim bonus protection policy.

Can I take out a temporary/rolling month policy?

No. Ours tend to be 12 month policies. If you choose to cancel mid term you will still be required to pay off the remaining cost of your premium.

Is my windscreen covered?

Yes. But only on a ‘fully comp’ policy. Excesses may apply dependant on insurer terms.

Will there be an excess if I need to claim?

Yes. The standard excess is £50 for accidental damage and £100 for theft, however these could change depending on your requirements. Your excesses will also be explained to you at the point of quotation so if you have any questions please do ask. Please also ensure that you read your policy summary and schedule to make sure you understand how much you may have to pay yourself.

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