The current increased risks of terrorism for care and medical businesses

Terrorist concerns for care and medical businesses

Making sure your care and medical business is insured against the risk of terrorism and political violence may not be a current priority at this time, but the socio-economic consequences of such attacks are one of the reasons it should be considered.

Experts have been predicting and preparing for a rise in terrorist activity, that historically follows a period of unrest and economic hardship. The circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have created the potential for the growth of extremism. We have seen a multitude of violent scenes across the country during the past months that evidence this.

The closure of schools and places of worship, rising unemployment levels and political disillusionment means that more people than ever have been feeling isolated, potentially spending more time alone and online and may be struggling with their mental health. Without a community and access to support systems, it is the ideal environment for extremist groups to exploit and groom vulnerable individuals.

Terrorism insurance from Towergate

We offer direct access to decision making underwriters with the expertise and ability to pick and choose which assets you wish to cover.

A collaboration between Towergate Insurance Brokers and Geo Specialty has made it easier to discuss terrorism and political violence insurance and provide quotes for any material damage (i.e. buildings, contents and stock), and business interruption.

This insurance has been developed to offer an alternative to Pool Re, the government backed scheme. Crucially it includes non-damage clauses as standard. This means that businesses that are indirectly affected by an act of terror through business interruption or subsequent ‘loss of attraction’ can claim for loss of income. What is more, the cover is instant.

To find out more about how we can assist your business with terrorism insurance, please visit our specialist webpage, call us on 01438 739739 or email

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Carolyn Baker-Mellor

Date: August 20, 2021

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Terrorism insurance from Towergate

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