Coronavirus help and support for our insurance customers

Cyber Risk Guidance

Click on a person below to select your computer user level:

Owner of non IT reliant business icon

Owner of business
not reliant on IT

  • Back office of business operations
    supported by online accounting
    but not an integral part of how
    the business is run.
  • Process invoices online.
Business owner icon

Owner of business
with frequent online transactions

  • Business operations carried out
    in both front and back office.
  • Businesses that process payments
    through their website.
  • Carry out your accounting
    and invoicing online.
Company Director/Manager icon

Director/Manager of business
with integral IT network

  • Larger business where you have a
    specialist IT consultant or an IT team
    as its more integral to the running
    of the business.
  • Customer data, website management
    and payments all online.