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Locum Insurance

Sickness and absence cover for your practice. Individual and group policies available.

  • Cover for a variety of practices and medical businesses, including GPs, dentists and vets
  • A range of policies, so you can choose a policy that meets your individual needs
  • Claims up to £25k handled by our in-house claims team

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Features of our locum insurance include:

GP locum insurance options

Whether you are an individual, partnership, Primary Care Network, federation or trust we have a solution for you. With access to four different policies, we are confident that we can provide you with the cover you require. We can provide your surgery with full cover, a top-up to the NHS reimbursement scheme or a combination of both. Our latest policy, Locum Enhance, is designed specifically for GP surgeries. It does not require evidence of invoices/receipts to be provided so you can get on with the day to day running of your practice which are now busier than ever.

Locum insurance policy benefits

Our policies are designed to protect your budget against additional costs incurred as a result of accident and/or illness. In addition, we also provide cover for absence as a result of suspension, jury service, maternity/paternity and adoption, personal accident benefits and travel delays. Our policies give you the flexibility to select the members of staff that you would like to insure. You can choose to include specific named members of staff only or cover the entire practice. We also offer a policy that does not require you to evidence additional costs in order to make a valid claim.

Health and wellbeing matters

All of our locum policies provide access to a leading health and wellbeing service for all insured staff including, counselling services (face to face and telephone), medical information services, day 1 stress intervention, legal information services, HR management support, critical incident advice, financial and debt information services, online information and self-help tool and access to 24-hour helplines.

Other medical professionals

We understand that your practice can have different requirements when it comes to managing staff absence. While it may not be as important to bring in cover for appointments when you are absent, the financial implication of not being able to provide treatments can be significant, especially for extended periods of absence. This is why we provide cover that is not just based on costs incurred through providing cover, but rather protecting the overheads (I.E Rent, Loss Of Income, Bank Loan repayments etc) of a practice while a member of the team is absent and your practice is incapacitated. When a member of your practice is absent, it can bring stress and disorganisation to your business. Whether because you have contracts to fulfil and therefore need to bring in cover, or because you simply can’t provide your service for a period of time, it can be difficult, especially financially. Our Practice Benefits option does not require you to show us how you’ve covered your overheads during this period, our insurers simply pay you a weekly benefit, that you can choose, until your member of staff is back at work.

Locum Insurance Claims

Need to make a claim?

Our in-house locum insurance claims handlers are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to support you. Furthermore, if you have a more urgent concern, we offer a 24-hour helpline.


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Locum Insurance FAQs

Does your locum insurance include a Health and Wellbeing programme?

Yes, all of our locum policies come with access to a Health and Wellbeing programme available for all insured members of staff to use. Towergate Health Assist will help you with your duty of care to your colleagues and will help reduce long and short-term absence. All of the services provided by Health Assist are completely confidential.

In partnership with Health Assist, we offer all of our customers access to the health and wellbeing My Healthy Advantage app, which provides an enhanced set of wellbeing tools and engaging features to support and improve the user’s mental and physical health by using personal metrics to set goals and achievements. These include:

  • Personalisation – specify preferences and topic to populate a personalised newsfeed with tailored resources and learning materials based on the user’s interests, such as exercises.
  • Contact made easy – live chat available via the app, email, call back request, and a direct link to the helpline.
  • Weekly mood tracker – tracks moods on a weekly basis in relation to financial, physical, and general wellbeing, and push notifications to remind people to input how they are feeling.
  • Review graphs displaying the last five weeks trends, and users are prompted to reflect.
  • Four-week plans – support with quitting smoking, losing weight and coping with pressure.
  • Mini health checks – covers topics such as height and weight, sleep and mental health.
  • Access to Health Assist confidentiality via phone, request a call back or live chat to speak directly with their team.

The My Healthy Advantage app also includes Bright TV, a series of episodes from well-known faces, including Dame Kelly Holmes, Ruby Wax and Andy Reid MBE discussing their lives, struggles and unique experiences. Each month, a new episode is available free on the app, so you can sit back, relax and listen to inspiring and informative discussions.

My staff member is healthy now, but what happens if they get sick in the future?

Your cover will not be reduced, restricted or removed as a result of making a claim or deterioration in health of any insured member for the annual period of insurance.

What if a staff member is injured outside of work?

Our policy provides 24/7 cover worldwide covering a wide range of activities.

Will making a claim on locum insurance affect my cover?

Our locum insurance policy provides 'cover assurance' which means we guarantee you a renewal regardless of your claim history or situation.

Does the policy cover partial return to work?

Yes, we are very happy to support a partial return to work. For example, if a GP undergoes surgery and could only return for two sessions per week, instead of 6 sessions, the policy allows you to claim for the 4 sessions that need to be covered.

Do you provide staff absence/overheads insurance for other types of surgeries?

Yes, as care industry experts we can also provide cover for vets, pharmacies, dentists, pharmacists, osteopaths and opticians for practice overheads and more.

What is a deferment period in relation to locum insurance?

Also known as an excess period, this is the period of time after which you will start receiving money from a claim under your insurance policy. For example, a 4 week excess period means you have chosen for your staff to be absent for 4 weeks before you are eligible. We offer flexible excess periods to tailor your cover to your own needs with anything from 1 week to 13 weeks, or 26 weeks. The longer the excess period you choose, the lower your premium will be.

Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?

If you want to know more about our monthly payment option, please read our dedicated page on Direct Debit.

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