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We offer specialist insurance for the armed forces, including home and kit cover for military personnel, and insurance for military kit and travel, and personal home contents and possessions. Call us on 01242 533 784 or see specific products below. Specialist military insurance advisers are available to help.

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Military Insurance FAQs


What is military insurance and what does it cover?


Our armed forces insurance can offer you worldwide cover for your military kit and uniform, personal possessions, home and room contents, and military deployments. Our personal accident insurance also aims to cover you when other insurers won't.

We provide a wide range of military insurance policies, whether you serve in the Army, RAF, Marines or another part of the military. We offer forces insurance that protects your kit, contents and home. Our military insurance range has been developed for those with an understanding of what military life is like whilst serving and whilst in regular civilian life.

We understand as part of military life you’re often on the move, which can mean experiencing loss or damage of goods whilst travelling from one place to the next. As such, our policies can provide cover for your goods to the value of the contents sums insured whilst they are in transit, as long as it is a result of any MOD posting.

We offer a range of policies that provide cover for damage to service accommodation, or ‘licence to occupy’,which covers you for any damage caused whilst living in any MOD based accommodation up to the value of £20,000. We can also provide 'new for old' cover on most military insurance items, meaning we will try to replace your goods with the same item or the closest equivalent model.

Accidental damage and loss can also be included, though general wear and tear and mechanical breakdown are not covered.


Do I need military insurance?


Our military insurance is designed to take away the stress of worrying about lost or damaged uniform, kit or home contents. Think for example how you might feel if you misplace or break your phone whilst on deployment and are unable to contact your home and family. You can request cover that takes away these worries and enables you to focus on your crucial work.

Our policies are developed specifically for military personnel with your job roles and situations in mind. We offer military personnel the comfort of knowing that they will have the support of a knowledgeable adviser if something goes wrong with their home contents, personal possessions or uniform and kit.


How much does military insurance cost?


Our military insurance policies cover a variety of different risks, and therefore it's difficult to give an average cost. However, with a range of policies available, our military insurance advisers can recommend the most appropriate cover for you.


What military insurance do I need?


We offer three main military insurance policies, based on your requirements:

Right Dress Basic (BA) - These policies are typically for personnel fresh out of training living in single serving accommodation, offering a fixed cover for issued uniform and kit. It also gives you a level of cover for your personal effects and the ability to have the contents of your room covered.

Right Dress Kit and Home (RD) - This policy is a natural progression for people moving into married quarters or serving personnel that live alone. It also offers you the ability to give us a specific value for your kit cover depending on your role, meaning we can give you a more personalised approach to your policy.

Right Dress Advantage (AD) - This policy is designed for military personnel no longer living in rented MOD accommodation and has moved onto purchasing their home. This policy allows you to cover your home for buildings insurance as well as offering cover for your contents and personal effects.

All include cover for your kit, licence to occupy and home contents as standard. Right Dress Advantage includes homeowner's insurance.

You can also include personal accident cover or legal expenses just speak to our military insurance advisers.


Military insurance policy exclusions explained


The full list of exclusions will be laid out in your policy documents but there are a few common exclusions:

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown for mobiles, laptops, tablet computers and pedal cycles is not covered on your policy. However these items are covered for theft and accidental damage.
  • Service firearms and ancillaries are not something we can provide cover for.
  • Unoccupied homes are not covered for loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft. If your home will be unoccupied it is best to discuss with us, so give the team a call.