Towergate military home insurance - what you need to know

A lot of our military customers come to us with questions about how to keep their home and contents properly insured while they are away on deployment or living in barracks. Our newest video answers some of those questions and more.

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Military Home Insurance Video transcript

Hi my name is Edward I’m an advisor here at Towergate, in this video we look at frequently asked questions about Military Kit and Contents Insurance.

So here are the top three questions that our advisors are commonly asked:

Firstly, ‘Will my goods be covered whilst in transit?’

Because our policies are built with the Military in mind we know that part of the lifestyle can mean you’re often on the move which can lead to loss or damage to goods during transit. As a result all our policies provide cover for the total value of your contents sums insured whilst goods are being transported as long as it is to a MOD posting.

Another common question is, ‘I’m moving abroad and can’t take all my belongings with me, can you offer cover to my goods in storage in the UK?’

It’s not always possible for personnel to take all of their belongings with them when being deployed around the world, so we can provide cover for your goods left behind in storage. All we need is the address of the storage unit along with the total cost of the contents you wish to store, this can be added on to your main policy as an extra. Exclusions to this cover include money and,  articles of gold, silver or other precious metal jewellery and furs must be contained within a locked safe and kept inside a strongroom

Lastly we often get asked, ‘Will my policy be able to cover my family’s belongings too?’

Our policies aren’t just designed with just you in mind, we also provide cover for your ‘Family unit’, and this means that contents within the home are covered. With your personal effects cover able to extend to your partner and children’s possessions to protect them whilst away from the home. You must ensure that the values for these items are included in your overall value so make sure you let us know.

You can even add cover for your children whilst away at school or university as long as the address and details are specified on the policy. We do ask that you let us know the address where they will be staying so we can add it to the policy.

For more details search for Military Kit and Contents insurance, or call the team to speak with an advisor.

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