Military Kit and Contents Insurance Explained

How does insurance work when you’re in the army and want to protect your belongings both at home and on deployment with you? Watch this simple video to learn more about our military kit and contents insurance policy.

Military Kit and Contents Insurance explained - Video transcript

Hi my name is Edward and I am an adviser at Towergate Insurance.

In this video we are going to look at Military Kit and Contents insurance and what it does for you!

So what exactly is military kit insurance?

Military kit and Contents is exactly what it sounds like, it provides cover for your military uniform and kit and allows you to have your personal possessions and home contents insured under the same policy.

What is particularly important about our policies is that we offer to cover your possessions anywhere in the world whilst on MOD posting!

What are the benefits of having military kit insurance?

Our policies are constructed specifically for the military and with that in mind here are a few benefits of taking out this type of insurance.

  • We offer World Wide Cover on your possessions, contents and military kit even whilst on deployment, as long as they are specified where necessary on the policy.
  • Our policies provide New for Old Cover on everything except civilian clothing and your home where a deduction for wear and tear will be made. We will always try to replace your goods with the same item or an equivalent model.
  • We understand that as part of military life it’s not always possible to report incidents of loss straight away. taking this into consideration we have a more flexible claims process where we ask that you report your losses in no later than 180days of becoming aware of them. Thought the quicker we know the quicker we can resolve the problem!               

For more advice search for military kit and contents insurance on our website or call to speak to an adviser.


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