What is home service clothing?

When you’re calling us for a new quote we may ask if you have any Home Service Clothing, but what is it?

Our underwriters define Home Service Clothing as:

Ceremonial clothing, items of kit and medals and decorations normally carried or worn about the person issued to You on a permanent or temporary issue for Your sole personal use and for which You are personally responsible and not hold for the benefit of others.

Home service clothing military

You may know Home Service Clothing by another name; it could be your Full Dress Uniform, Dress Uniform, Full Dress or maybe your No.1 Dress.

It is usually a special formal military uniform reserved for parades, ceremonies, official receptions and other special occasions. Uniform design may be distinctive to a service (Air Force, Army, Navy) or to a regiment or branch of service. They are the most elaborate and traditional dress worn by the British Military and are often brightly coloured and adorned with ornaments, and may also be accompanied with order insignias and full size medals.

It is usually worn by regiments on public duties, which have a ceremonial or historic significance (such as the Changing of the Guards). If you are a part of the Foot Guards or the Household Cavalry it may be issued to you but other units may obtain and wear it for historical displays, weddings or when acting as a sword guard to the Royal Horse Artillery. Most regiments will also maintain dress for drummers, buglers, trumpeters and pipers. In addition it is often issued to Regular Army Bands for ceremonial use.

If you feel like you have any clothing that would fall into this category just let us know and we will be happy to cover it for you.

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