Team Army Boxing

Boxing is perhaps one of the most challenging sports of all. A boxer requires a unique blend of speed, strength, and endurance. In addition to these qualities, he must stand up to the punishment inflicted by an equally matched opponent. To withstand the inevitable pain and fatigue, the boxer must possess a mind that is as tough as his body.

Contenders at an army boxing event

Regardless of your abilities, the time will come when you must battle fatigue. You may be hurt or injured, yet forced to continue, you can not look to the referee to call time-out. Instead, you must fight until the bell rings. You have the option to quit, but real fighters never quit. A boxer must have the mental fortitude to succeed regardless of the adversity faced inside the ring.

Within the Military, boxing remains an important training and development medium because it defines the Army’s Core Values of courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment. Boxing is selected as the most powerful and effective sporting reflection of those values. Although the British Military has many uses, it is primarily a war fighting force and their ability to fight and win remains at the core. Boxing embodies the warrior ethos and fighting spirit that are so important to the British Military’s success, making our soldiers the very best in the world. These military boxers are all soldiers first. Not only supreme sportsman, they are all seasoned soldiers that have served across the world on demanding exercises and operations.

The Army Boxing Team appears at venues around the UK, boxing mainly against civilian opposition to gain the experience required to compete at the highest level. Team appearances vary from one to ten boxers, at differing weights and experience levels. The Army Boxing Team is highly regarded in the Amateur Boxing scene for being competitive, fit, determined, on weight, on time and as good ambassadors for the Army.

At Towergate we are proud to be a Gold sponsor of Team Army, together we can focus on the success of our sports at all levels and so ensure that our soldiers are better prepared for active duty and help in their recovery from injuries sustained in combat.

On the 14th of May the Army Boxing Team challenged the Southern Counties at ATR Winchester. Our representative Charles Herring was at the bout, find out how it went below:

Army Boxing Team Vs Southern Counties

Written by Mark Turville.