Norman's house is 'different' and yours may be too...

Everyone’s house is different to an extent. We’ve all got our own tastes and styles and our homes come in so many shapes and sizes. However, in terms of insurance, some differences really matter. Differences like flat roofs, long-term unoccupancy or locations on or near flood plains may mean you need specialist insurance. Our friends Norman and Hercule are on hand to explain further.

Norman and Hercule have been finding out what makes a property “non-standard” and how to find insurance cover…


Towergate insurance can arrange cover for:

  • Non-standard use of a property (e.g. let properties or home businesses)

  • Non-standard occupancy (e.g. unoccupied for a period of time)

  • Construction quirks (e.g. flat or thatched roofs)

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When he’s not tinkering with his house, Norman enjoys a nice strong brew (milk, no sugar) and holidays in Devon. Norman is a regular guy. Like many, he finds the world of insurance gets him in a bit of a muddle. He’s pretty proud of the home he shares with his dog, Hercule but he doesn’t realise that while he's renovating his home his insurance requirements will have changed.

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Hercule is Norman’s trusty canine companion and is, in many ways, the brains of the operation. Hercule’s doggy senses have got wind of the unusual nature of Norman’s home. Though, he doesn’t need his keen sense of smell to see that Norman needs a little help from time to time.

When he’s not looking out for Norman, Hercule enjoys a good crime novel and the feel of the wind in his ears when the car window is down.


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