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Pharmacy Insurance

Specialist pharmacy cover, including:

  • Allowance for up to 50% seasonal increase of stock
  • Revenue protection - standard of £750,000 over 24 months
  • Building and contents cover for your shops, warehouses, fixtures, fittings and stock

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Features of our pharmacy insurance include:

Protection for your pharmacy assets

Our pharmacy insurance policy includes building and contents cover for your shops, warehouses, fixtures, fittings and stock. We understand that during those winter months, it’s likely that supplies will increase as the demand for cold and flu remedies rise, which is why we can allow for up to a 50% increase in your seasonal stock for any three-month period in the year.

Money and assault protection

With Towergate you will receive protection for loss of money from your premises during business hours up to £5,000. It’s also a possibility that your stock will be moving in transit, so we also offer up to the same amount of protection if ever you are in transit. In the unfortunate event of assault happening to a member of staff whilst they are in possession of monies belonging to your business, we can also cover this up to £25,000.

Protection against employee dishonesty

If any of your pharmacy employees prove to be dishonest whilst working for you, our policy provides peace of mind. We offer cover against losses caused directly by theft or fraud committed by your employees up to £25,000, to help you get back on your feet.

Liability cover for your pharmacy

We can provide both employers' liability for your pharmacy's legal costs and expenses in defending prosecutions. We also offer global cover for UK employees that are working abroad. Our public and products liability protects you against legal liability including third-party injury and damage to your pharmacy's property.

Pharmacy Insurance Claims

Our in-house pharmacy insurance claims team is on hand Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to support you. If you have a more urgent concern, we also have a 24-hour helpline.

For material damage and business interruption claims of over £5,000 on your optician insurance you can count on our claims assist team. We will appoint a chartered loss adjuster specialising in the type of loss you have experienced to look after your interests and ensure the entire claims process is handled quickly, fairly and without unnecessary stress.

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Pharmacy Insurance FAQs

My accountant has advised me to insure for tax investigations - is this already covered by your policy?

Yes. As part of the legal protection section of the pharmacy insurance policy you would be covered for tax investigation undertaken by HM Revenue and Customs, so it is usually not necessary to take out additional insurance.

What is 'standard equipment' and what happens if we bring in new equipment for new treatments?

As you bring in significant new equipment you just need to contact one of our advisers so we can adjust the 'sums insured' on your policy.

What does a 'specialist insurer' offer?

For instance - pharmacists are trained professionals and this causes a large difference from normal shop staff in that it costs you a lot more to pay them. This means that, especially with claims for business interruption, your costs will be significantly higher. As a specialist insurer we understand the subtle but important differences between each industry and provide policies that cater specifically to them.

My pharmacy is predominately glass fronted, is this an issue?

Not at all. Let your adviser know and they can make sure it's covered in your policy at no additional cost.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you would prefer to spread the cost of your policy you have the option of setting up a direct debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our regulatory information.

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