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Photography and Camera Equipment Insurance

Tailored camera and photographic equipment cover for multimedia businesses, professionals and camera enthusiasts.

  • Worldwide cover available for a wide range of camera, photography and videography equipment
  • Add more cover options to your policy if you choose to develop your camera passion into a photography career
  • Short-term and annual options for hired and owned video equipment, and public and employer's liability cover

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What does photography and camera equipment insurance cover?

New for old camera and photography equipment cover

All our camera and photography equipment policies insure on a new for old basis, so if you lose or damage beyond repair your lenses, camera, tripod, lights, etc, they can be replaced with a brand-new equivalent model. Bear this in mind when you get your quote, as you’ll need to give us the value of equivalent camera equipment models as new to ensure you have enough to cover a replacement if needed.

Cover for unexplained theft of camera and photography equipment

We provide comprehensive insurance for unexplained theft of photography and camera equipment, including cameras, tripods, lenses and lights. This includes items being stolen from your work premises, your home address, unattended vehicles and storage units.

Photography and camera equipment insurance for travel

Our policies cover your photography and camera equipment insurance away from your home or work address on location. Cover can be extended to include your travels either in Europe or on a worldwide basis. If European or worldwide cover is selected, travel cover is unlimited; however a maximum limit of 90 days in any one trip is applicable.

Short-term and annual camera and photography equipment insurance

We offer annual policies for equipment you own or are using on a regular basis, but we can also offer short-term hire camera and photography equipment insurance for one-off events or video shoots.

Photography and Camera Equipment Insurance Claims

Our claims are handled by one of our specialist multimedia insurance team, not another company. The team’s combined knowledge of photography equipment and the multimedia industry mean that with us, you’re in safe hands.

If something happens and you are unsure if a claim might arise, please don’t hesitate to get in contact anyway. We’re here to help and can discuss the circumstances without prejudicing your policy. Our aim is either to put your mind at rest or advise on the next steps you should take.

Please keep all information relevant to the claim; this will help us to handle your claim as efficiently as possible. Remember; do not admit liability until you have spoken with us.

I need to claim

Call us as soon as you can on:

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Emergency out of business hours?

Never fear, we have 24 hour emergency numbers so you can still speak to a friendly adviser about your claim. Find your out-of-hours number in your policy wording.

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Photography and Camera Equipment Insurance FAQs

How do I know the value of photography and camera equipment I want to insure?

We replace your items on a new for old basis, so in the unfortunate event of a total loss you get the latest equivalent model as a replacement. By checking how much an equivalent replacement costs in the market today, you will get a good idea of the value you should insure your own equipment for. Don’t forget, if you are VAT-registered you can deduct this element from your total value.

Is my photography and camera equipment covered abroad?

We have a variety of photography and camera equipment insurance covers available to suit your travel arrangements, from UK cover, to UK and European cover, and worldwide travel. The length of your trip may be limited subject to insurers' terms so if you have any queries in respect of cover abroad please contact us.

If you have any queries in respect of cover abroad please contact us.

Do I need to provide you with a list of my photography and camera equipment?

No, provided you have receipts and invoices for your equipment in the event of a claim. If you are concerned that you may not have these then please supply an equipment list, and this can be good business practice to make sure that your sum insured is always adequate.

Is my photography and camera equipment covered in the hold of an aircraft?

The Towergate Camerasure policy will extend to cover photography and camera equipment within the hold of an aircraft subject to the equipment being in a locked Peli Case or similar protective casing.

Other policies we provide may restrict this so it is best to call and check.

Is my photography and camera equipment covered if I am distracted and it is stolen?

Yes, we have Towergate policies that provide cover for 'open theft' and this would include opportunist and distraction theft. This means we do not require signs of forcible or violent, entry or exit for the theft cover to be in force.

Call us to find out which policies we can provide to cover this.

Under my previous insurance I made a claim, will this affect my cover?

We only need to know about claims you have made in the last five years. Each claim is considered on an individual basis and though some may have no effect on your policy, others might. Just make sure you let us know and we will talk you through it, failure to disclose a claim can invalidate your cover.

Do I have to pay an excess in the event of a claim?

Yes, Towergate photography insurance excesses vary but full details can be found on your policy documents or you can contact one of the team.

Do you cover hired-in photography and camera equipment?

We can cover this – you will need to let us know so we can endorse your policy. This can be done on a short-term basis or on an annual policy depending how often you are hiring kit.

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