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School Trips and Travel Insurance

Cover for school travel and trips

  • Personal liability cover up to £5million
  • UK and worldwide cover
  • Loss or damage to travel documents

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Features of our school trips and travel insurance

24-hour assistance services

Planning a school trip can be very stressful which is why our policy includes travel and medical assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pre-travel assistance can help you with anything you may need to know before you go, such as health precautions, entry permit requirements, climate and medical facilities. Travel assistance is there for when you need medical help; advice, referral or treatment, air ambulances and local payment of hospital bills.

Personal accident cover for school trips

In the event of a member of your group having an accident whilst on an outing, you will be covered for medical expenses up to £25,000 for each insured person. In case of any accidents leading to hospitalisation, the policy includes up to £50 per day for up to 104 weeks as well as cover for expenses incurred from travel and accommodation in visiting an injured person. The school trips and travel insurance also includes cover for counselling required as a result of an accident on a trip for up to £250 per week.

Cancellation, curtailment, replacement and rearrangement cover

When something unexpected happens and disrupts plans, our school trip and travel insurance will cover up to £5,000 for any journey which you are forced to cancel, curtail, replace a staff member or change itinerary. Travel delay insurance will ensure compensation if your departure is inconveniently delayed as a direct result of a matter which is out of your control.

School trip and travel baggage insurance

Our policy provides peace of mind in the event of baggage or equipment being lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed. Sometimes delays cannot be avoided so if any baggage is lost for more than 4 hours you will be reimbursed towards the cost of emergency replacement clothing, toiletries and similar items. If any business equipment is lost or damaged we will automatically reinstate your sum insured after a loss at no extra cost.

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School Trips and Travel Insurance FAQs

What is school trips and travel insurance?

School trips and travel insurance ensures that you, your staff and pupils are covered when away from the classroom. Whether it is a trip to the local farm, a skiing holiday in Switzerland or a long weekend at camp, this policy will make sure you do not lose out if anything goes wrong whilst you are on an excursion.

Why do I need school trips and travel insurance for my school?

In the unfortunate event of a trip being delayed, cancelled, rearranged or changed in any way, a trips and travel policy makes sure that you are reimbursed for the inconveniences that are out of your control. If any baggage or equipment is lost, this policy will pay out for emergency essentials, even if the loss has only been for four hours.

What happens if someone falls ill abroad?

Our policy includes a 24-hour travel and medical assistance helpline. The helpline has in-house doctors, and nursing staff throughout the world, multilingual case managers and specialist travel agencies for immediate arrangements in the event of a medical emergency. The helpline can also provide advice for lost or stolen travel documents.

My school often takes parents as accompanying adults on trips, will these be covered under our policy?

Yes. Any accompanying adult is covered by our policy, so there is no need for them to arrange their own insurance.

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