Motorhome and Caravan Dealer Insurance

Our exclusive TourMaster policy is dedicated to the risks of caravan and motorhome dealerships

About Motorhome and Caravan Dealer Insurance


Discount for NCC members

10% discount to all National Caravan Council (NCC) members


Rebate and guarantees available

Up to 10% premium rebate and three year rate guarantees available (subject to claims)


Exhibition and trade events

Includes cover to attend exhibitions and trade events

Direct Debit

Pay for your motorhome insurance by Direct Debit

You can split your payment into instalments

Features of Motorhome and Caravan Dealer Insurance

Standard cover

Liability and business insurance

Whether you’re a sole trader or have a team of employees, one dealership or a chain across the country, liability insurance is probably the most important covers you’ll need. We can provide public, product and employers’ liability insurance with flexible limits up to £10 million each. But with some insurers that’s it from them until renewal time, 12 months later. At Towergate, we provide on-going support both face to face and via our suite of tools to help you understand and manage your risks, as your company grows and changes over time.

Exhibitions cover

We know that you need to cover your stock whilst at exhibitions and due to the high value of the units, you will need significant enhancements over a standard motor trade policy. After all it’s a vital part of generating new business and getting face time with new customers. That’s why our caravan and motorhome dealership policy gives £500,000 rising to £1,000,000 for enclosed exhibitions (NEC events for example). We can even visit you at the exhibition, free of charge, to discuss how best to assess and manage your risk and keep your customers safe by avoiding slips, trips and falls.

Seasonal adjustments for your stocks

Seasonality plays a big part in your industry, and that’s why we include a flexible adjustment to your stock cover allowing a 30% increase for a six month period of your choosing as standard. Likewise, if you perform repairs we also include a 30% increase on the cover of your customers' vehicles between November and February.

Unaccompanied motorhome test drive insurance

To aid you in convincing your client that a new motor home is for them, you can hand them the keys (following security checks etc.) and give them the opportunity to sell it to themselves with an extended trial period of 48 hours as standard. For those who would like to offer longer rentals/test drives we also issue this as a separate policy with no limit on trial period to help avoid claims being made on these sections affecting your main Road Risks Bonus.

Motorhome and Caravan Dealer FAQs


Am I covered to rent out my caravans/motorhomes as well as sell them?


We can offer cover both caravans and motorhomes for test drives, which is a standard feature of our policies. We can also cover you for hiring out motorhomes and caravans as a business venture, alongside the sales. For this we will need to discuss your requirements in advance to find adequate cover. Simply call and let us know while we’re building you a quote. 



Is there a partnership whereby I can sell insurance to my customers for their caravans/motorhomes, once purchased?


Yes! We have a range of insurance solutions you can offer to your clients. This can produce an additional revenue stream for your business. Speak to one of our advisors for more details on this. 


Can I get a discount?


We offer a 10% for all National Caravan Council (NCC) members. All you need to do is let us know when you’re setting up your policy. 


Do I need employers' liability insurance?


If you have any staff you are legally required to provide protection in the form of employers' liability. Our insurance will cover all of your staff including full time or part time, unpaid, contracted and seasonal. If you would like to know more read our guide to employers' liability. 


Can I pay by direct debit?


We offer all our caravan dealership customers interest free monthly instalments over a ten month period. This can be set up easily when you arrange your cover. 


Does an insurer have to visit my business in person?


In most cases the insurance company will send a surveyor either prior to going on cover or shortly after to your business. They will survey the premises to make sure they fully understand your company and make any recommendations on how better to protect it. This is an important service and helps limit the chances of claims not being met as a result of the policy not being conformed with. Your Account Executive will once again represent you and help you with this every step of the way. 


What is wrongful conversion and will it cover my caravans and motorhomes?


Our policy offers wrongful conversion cover of up to £50,000 as standard for both caravans and motorhomes. This cover ensures that if you have a vehicle with outstanding finance or a criminal history which precludes you from being able to sell it, our policy will respond and pay out to protect your balance sheet (subject to being an Experian/CRiS check member).


What is efficacy cover and do I need it?


If you fit after-market fire or burglar alarms to your customers caravans or motorhomes the answer is yes definitely! 

This cover protects you from a device not fulfilling its intended function. And in this case that is protecting your customers from theft or fire, so this is a very important aspect to your insurance. Our product gives you this cover as standard.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.


Find your insurance documents

and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number


Call the claims team

on 0344 346 0957 and explain exactly what happened


Provide photos if requested

to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can

Relaxed Person Making Claim