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About Tutors and Teachers Insurance


Tailored tutors and teachers insurance

Our insurance experts will build your policy based on your needs.


Civil liability cover for teachers

Civil liability insurance available on request.


Tutor laptop cover

Option to extend cover to insure laptops away from premises anywhere in the UK.


Home tutor insurance

Work from your premises or at the home of your student.

Features of Tutors and Teachers Insurance

Standard cover

Specialist tutors and teachers policies

Our team are trained to understand the needs of tutors and are able to help explain all elements of cover available and how they might apply to your role as a tutor. They're here so you can feel assured that the cover is right for you. All you need to do is tell us what type of tutoring is involved and we'll build your policy with you. (Tutoring involving manual activities such as carpentry cannot be covered).

Professional indemnity insurance for tutors

There are many scenarios where professional indemnity insurance can apply to private tuition. Negligence, breach of confidence and failure in professional duty to educate, are all covered under this section. If an element of the syllabus is missed or a client is unhappy with a grade, the policy provides support for your legal defence. In addition, we can cover civil liability claims, just ask your adviser. for more information.

Public liability for tutors

It's unlikely, but if, during the course of your tuition you are responsible for someone being injured or damage to their property, public liability cover for tutors would compensate the injured party. A small excess will apply.

Computer equipment

Equipment such as laptops can be insured simply by adding an extension to your policy. Not only will they be covered while you're teaching but also when you're away from your usual teaching premises. Please be aware, you should still take reasonable precaution to protect these items i.e. if your laptop is stolen whilst left unattended and unsecured in a public place, your claim will not be valid.

Tutors and Teachers Insurance FAQs


What is professional indemnity insurance for tutors?


Professional indemnity insurance, or professional liability insurance for tutors, is cover for legal costs or expenses related to your defence and compensation awarded if your case is lost.


Do home tutors need insurance?


Though it is not a legal requirement there are many reasons why insurance can be a worthwhile investment. Particularly to cover your professional liability as a tutor, if for example you were to miss part of the syllabus and a client were to take legal action against you, your policy could provide cover for legal costs and expenses.


Do I need insurance for online tutoring?


Again, it’s not a legal requirement but can cover your professional and personal liability, as well as the equipment you use in the course of your work as a teacher (i.e. laptops). These may not be covered on your home insurance if they are for business use.


Do you need public liability insurance as a home tutor?


Public liability insurance for home tutors is designed to cover accidental injury to third parties and damage their property, caused by your negligence while tutoring. Though such an incident may seem unlikely, often claims related to public liability can be costly. Insurance will cover your legal defence costs in court, as well as awards you may need to pay to the third party.


Is there a restriction on the age of the people I teach?


No, but different age groups may have different requirements, so please ensure you let us know us.


Will the insurance cover me to teach at home?


Generally, yes for public liability, but we advise you to check with your home insurer to ensure that your household policy includes cover for visitors/students.


Is there a maximum number of students I can teach?


No, as long as you stick to restrictions imposed by law.


Are there any types of tutoring that will not be covered?


Our policies cover tutoring for most subjects but do not cover practical and manual types of tutoring such as woodwork, science experimentation or metalwork. Speak to our advisers for specific details.


Can I pay in instalments?


To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.


Find your insurance documents

and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number


Call the claims team

on 0344 892 1384 and explain exactly what happened


Provide photos if requested

to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can

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