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Airbnb Host Insurance

Buildings, contents and liability cover if you rent your property out using Airbnb

  • Buildings, contents and liability insurance for Airbnb hosts
  • We can insure your Airbnb property where an ordinary home insurance policy probably can’t
  • Airbnb host insurance for full or partial occupancy, with or without you in residence, and short and long term lets

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Features of our Airbnb host insurance

Buildings and contents insurance for your Airbnb

Whether you’re using Airbnb to rent out a room in your home, or advertising serviced accommodation properties through Airbnb as part of a rental portfolio, if you have paying guests, an ordinary home insurance policy might not cover you. With our Airbnb host insurance, that’s not a problem. Just remember we cover you – so for example if you burn the carpet with an iron you’re covered. However we don’t cover any damage caused by your paying guests.

Liability cover for your Airbnb property

If a guest at your Airbnb suffers an accident there, and it’s linked to their stay, you may be liable to pay out compensation for damage or injury. With our Airbnb host insurance you’re covered for up to £2m for third-party claims, and up to £10m for domestic employees – like cleaning staff or maintenance workers visiting your property.

Airbnb host insurance for full or partial occupancy, short and long term lets

It doesn’t matter whether you let out the whole property or whether you’re there at the same time as your guests – we can cover you. We also don’t cap your lets at 30 or 90 days like some insurers will – we can cover your property if you have paying guests staying for 24 hours upwards.

Versatile Airbnb host insurance for a versatile business

Airbnb is the modern way to let rooms and properties – and it needs modern insurance. From Saturday night stag dos to three-month weekday lets for company employees, our Airbnb host cover means your property remains insured, and your business gets to grow.

Airbnb Host Insurance Claims

We recommend you report your claim as soon as possible and we have a 24-hour claims number so you can call us straight away.

Once reported, our claims team will call you back no more than 24 hours later with the next steps for your claim, hopefully we’ll get things sorted nice and quickly for you.

Need to make a claim?

Call or email us with; your policy number, a phone number to reach you on, details of your claim and photos where possible.

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Airbnb Host Insurance FAQs

Do you cover damage caused by guests at my Airbnb?

No, we cannot cover accidental damage, malicious damage, or vandalism caused by a paying guest. .

However, we do cover accidental damage you cause yourself, or malicious damage if someone else, such as an intruder, causes damage to your property.

Do you cover theft by guests at my Airbnb?

No, we cannot cover theft that has been committed by one of your paying guests. However if you are burgled and violent and forcible means has been used to enter the property, then you will be covered.

Do you offer Airbnb host insurance for full or partial rentals and house shares?

Yes, we can offer Airbnb host insurance for full or partial rentals and house shares.

Can you offer Airbnb host insurance for short-term lets?

Yes, we can offer Airbnb host insurance for short-term lets of 24 hours or longer.

Do you put a cap on longer term lets?

No. Some insurers will specify 30 or 90 days as the limit for a single let, but our Airbnb host insurance doesn’t have this cap.

Can I use your Airbnb host insurance as serviced accommodation insurance?

Yes. You don’t have to be a live-in Airbnb host. If you use Airbnb to run short-term lets as part of a rental portfolio, this policy will work for you.

Does your Airbnb host insurance include public liability?

Yes. Up to £2m for third-party claims, and up to £10m for domestic employees. Therefore if someone gets hurt in and around your Airbnb property, you’ll be covered. Please note that you and your relatives however, are not covered.

How many guests can I have at one time?

We can cover as many guests as you wish in your Airbnb.

Can I use regular home insurance to cover my Airbnb if I live in the property?

Probably not. Most home insurance policies won’t cover paying guests in your home.

Can I use regular landlords insurance if my Airbnb is one of my rental properties?

Not always. Your policy might not cover short term lets or anything that isn’t a standard assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement.

Can I just use the Airbnb host guarantee or host protection insurance?

As Airbnb state, you need to carefully consider whether the host protection insurance offered covers everything you need. It won’t cover your building and contents, for instance. Read the terms, check the small print – and decide what level of risk you can afford.

Can I claim if my guest doesn’t pay?

No. Our Airbnb host insurance policy does include loss of income but only in the case of an insured peril such as leaks or a fire. If a guest stays with you but refuses to pay, we aren’t able to pay out the money you’ve lost.

Do you offer home emergency cover?

Yes, you can add cover for home emergencies to your property insurance policy.

  • Three levels of home emergency cover, starting with emergency repairs to the primary heating system at your property
  • Extend to include emergency repairs to your drainage and water services, securing broken windows and doors - and dealing with pest infestations
  • Access to a 24-hour helpline and network of reliable UK tradespeople

Please talk to your Towergate adviser for details.

How can I pay for my premium?

You can pay by credit card, debit card or monthly direct debit.

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