Save Face and Towergate Insurance partnership

Towergate have partnered with Save Face to offer specialist insurance policy exclusively for members. Read more below.

We have partnered with Save Face, a national register of accredited practitioners who provide safe, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, to develop a specialist insurance policy exclusively for Save Face members. Working with specialist insurers in the medical indemnity market, we can now offer an exclusive policy that recognises the Save Face accreditation process encompassing their 116-point assessment model, reducing the risk of potential claims.

We will also make sure you are adequately covered and minimise risk, so that if you ever have to claim, you do not lose out by not having the right level of covered.


About Aesthetics Insurance


Exclusive offer

Exclusively available to Save Face Accredited Practitioners


Medical indemnity cover

Potential saving on your medical indemnity cover


In-house claims

Access to our in-house claims teams and specialist policy advisors


All your policies in one place

Access to a range of our specialist insurance policies, so you can have all your policies in one place

Features of Aesthetics Insurance

Standard cover

Specialist insurance brokers for the medical and caring professions sectors

We are specialist insurance brokers for the Medical and Caring Professions sectors. We recognise the benefit of risk management and the reduction of risk. With our market expertise we work with likeminded insurers who are keen to reward well managed practices.

Tailored cover for your business

We are committed to supporting Save Face members in understanding their businesses exposures, and thus mitigating risks by arranging the appropriate insurances covers.

Cover from specialist medical malpractice insurers

Working with specialist insurers in the medical malpractice market, we have negotiated an exclusive policy that recognises the Save Face accreditation process, reducing the risk of potential claims.

Peace of mind

This new member facility recognises the benefits and quality of the Save Face risk management accreditation process. Mitigation of risk and reduced claims potential means our insurers are happy to offer an exclusive medical malpractice insurance solution with a combination of value and cover.

Aesthetics Insurance FAQs


What is aesthetics insurance?


Aesthetics insurance is designed to cover licenced, medical professionals, providing nonsurgical cosmetic treatments during the course of their work. It includes elements of liability insurance related to treatments you provide and can cover aspects of your business and equipment too.

Here are just some of the covers we can provide:

  • Malpractice (treatment risk)
  • Buildings and contents
  • Public liability
  • Products liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Business interruption


Do I need aesthetics cover?


If you have employees, it is a legal requirement for you to have employers' liability insurance in place at the very least. Legally, you are not required to have any other form of insurance in place, however, it is certainly recommended. Cover for licenced, medical professionals, providing nonsurgical cosmetic treatments can provide a safety net to protect you and your business from the financial burden of a claim against you.


Can you cover aestheticians working from home?


We can cover licenced, medical professionals, providing nonsurgical cosmetic treatments who work from home, from business premises, from a client’s home, at an event and many other scenarios. Speak with our team if you feel unsure about whether the policy covers your location.


What is aesthetics liability insurance?


There are three main parts to be aware of when buying aestheticians' liability insurance; public liability, products liability and professional treatments cover. We’ll explain each of these in a little more detail below.


What is public liability insurance for licenced medical professionals?


Public liability protects you from claims which arise through negligence on your part during the course of your work. For example, you may have left cables in a hazardous location where someone might trip; if a member of public injures themselves or has the property damaged because of this, they may try to claim damages from you. This insurance would cover your legal defence along with their compensation should they win the case.


What is product liability insurance for aestheticians?


Product liability cover will insure you in the event that a product you use or sell to clients causes a member of the public to suffer an injury or have their property damaged. In these instances, they may try and claim compensation from you, even if the product is not made by you. It’s important to therefore cover yourself just in case. Again, product liability for aestheticians covers your legal defences and any damages you have to pay to the claimant if they win the case.


What is professional treatment cover?


Professional treatment cover is a form of professional indemnity cover especially for aestheticians. It ensures that if a client isn’t satisfied with advice you have given them regarding their treatments and take you to court, your legal costs and awards claimed by the client are covered up to £5 million, but you can also take a £2 million limit. We do require you to carry out treatments as the manufacturer has advised for this aspect of the cover to be valid.


What is retroactive cover?


Retroactive insurance provides cover for any claims made against you during your period of insurance which occurred prior to the start date of your policy.


Can you provide cover for student aestheticians?


No, unfortunately we can only cover medically qualified aesthetics professionals. For this particular policy, you must also be a Save Face member.


Where can I find full details of my policy?


We have provided a summary of the key features of the policy, above. For details of the terms and conditions applicable, please refer to the insurance product information document and policy wording, which are available during the quotation process.


Are there any exclusions to aesthetics insurance policies?


Applicable terms and conditions are available on request. Please read your policy document for full details.


Can I get a discount if I am not a Save Face member?


If you are not a Save Face member but are considering joining, then you can still get a quote to establish whether becoming accredited would enable you to get a more competitive insurance premium.

Working with specialist insurers in the medical indemnity market, we can now offer an exclusive policy that recognises the Save Face accreditation process encompassing their 116-point assessment model, reducing the risk of potential claims.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.


Find your insurance documents

and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number


Call the claims team

on 0370 850 7134 and explain exactly what happened


Provide photos if requested

to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can

Relaxed Person Making Claim