Displaying Your Employers' Liability Certificate

As part of our employers' liability insurance video series this video looks at how and where to display your liability insurance certificate. We explain who should have access to it and what information you are legally required to show. Check out the video to find out more...


Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ben Leech, and I'm an adviser for Towergate.

Today I’m going to talk about your employers' liability certificate

When renewing or starting a new employers' liability policy you will receive a certificate of insurance.  This certificate displays the details such as the name of the insured, the insurer and the start and end date. You are legally required to display this certificate in a place where your staff have access to it.

Changes in the law on the first of October two thousand and eight, mean that it is now possible to display this certificate digitally if you wish. If you choose to do so you’re required to also explain to your employees where it is and how they can access it.

You should display the certificate in an accessible place, either a communal area, hallway or room that all staff have access to. There are other documents you’re legally required to show too such as Health and Safety and Fire Safety info so it would make sense to create one area to display these all together.

If displaying electronically your work intranet or shared network drive will be fine as long as all your employees have access.

The certificate of insurance must contain the following information:

  • Name of insurer: Your insurance agreement is a legal document and will be signed by the insurer.

  • Name of insured: The organisation or business who has taken the insurance will also be named.  This can be the name of the group if one business is a subsidiary of another.

  • And the level of cover: The certificate must display the amount for which the employers' liability insurance covers the business.

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