Displaying Your Employers' Liability Certificate

What is employers' liability insurance?

This article explains how and where to display your employers' liability insurance certificate, as well as who should have access to it and what information you are obligated to show.

Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement for businesses of any size which employ staff. The policy can cover the legal defence costs in the event of an allegation of negligence against you and where you are at fault. It will also pay the cost of compensation should an employee suffer an injury or illness as a result of work they are carrying out on behalf of the business. For more information read our employers' liability guide.

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How is employers' liability different to public liability cover?

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you from a claim if a customer or third party were to injure themselves or have their property damaged as a result of your business activities. (Product liability covers your negligence in the event of injury arising from the supply or manufacturing of goods). Whilst it is not typically a legal requirement, many businesses will not work with you unless you have public liability insurance. For more information read our guide to public liability.

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Do I need to display my employers' liability certificate?

Yes, it is a legal requirement to display your employers' liability insurance certificate in a prominent place where your staff have access to it. If you choose to display a physical copy of your certificate it is important that this is done so in an accessible area, such as a hallway or room that all staff have access to. There are other documents you are legally required to display, such as health and safety and fire safety certificates, so it is typically advised that you display these altogether.

It is possible to display this electronically, provided you explain to your employees how they can access it. This is typically stored on your company intranet or shared network drive so that all your employees have access to it.

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What other certificates do I need to display as an employer?

Employers must display their employers' liability insurance certificate, as well as their health and safety policy, a health and safety law poster, a list of first aiders employed by the company and fire evacuation arrangements. It is also advisable, though not mandatory, to have and display a public liability insurance certificate.

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Employers' liability insurance from Towergate

At Towergate we offer bespoke employers' liability insurance policies to suit your needs. Read more about our policies online or call us on 0333 060 1270 to speak to a specialist adviser.

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