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Creative Storage Ideas for Narrowboats

Convert stairs into draws

The majority of narrowboats will have stairs and instead of this being wasted space underneath them, you could turn them into draws. 

Add boxes onto the top of the roof

Making sure to be careful of height, adding some storage boxes to the top of your narrowboat could be helpful. You could store belongings that you don’t need everyday up there, like Christmas decorations or tools – the type of items you might put into your garage or loft. 

Add cubby holes into the floor

There is also the option to add storage into the flooring of your narrowboat, depending on the size and space of the flooring you have free – this could be an inventive way of storing things like books or even shoes. 

Use wall space & inside door of cupboards

As well as flooring, walls and cupboard doors are often also dead space where you’re able to put up shelves or hang items. This could be particularly useful in the kitchen for hanging pots or utensils instead of storing in a cupboard or in your living room area shelves with your belongings on help to give a room a cosy feel. 


Lastly, is everything you are keeping essential? Sort through your things and if you’re not going to use/wear it in the next 12 months (and it’s not seasonal) then you probably don’t need to keep it. You don’t want to be wasting space on your boat with items that you won’t be using. 

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