Sit Down vs. Stand-up Jet Skis

As part of our jet ski insurance video series we discuss the difference between sit down and stand up jet-skis and the issues surrounding insuring each type. Check out the video to find out more...

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What is the difference between stand-up and sit-down jet skis?

Apart from the obvious, the difference between stand up and sit down jet skis is the level of stability. Stand up jet skis, the original jet ski, require a different level of fitness to really get the best out of them and it will take longer for most people to get the hang of riding one.

However, the extra skill needed obviously provides a greater experience and interesting challenge once up to speed - some jet ski fans will tell you that stands ups are more fun and "the real deal"! 

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How can I stay safe and enjoy myself on jet skis?

We recommend taking an RYA personal watercraft course for all jet skis and it's definitely the best way to go from novice to "expert" if you do fancy that stand up challenge.

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Can you cover stand up and sit down jet skis?

At the Ardonagh Group, we can indeed insure many makes and models of stand up and sit down jet skis.

We can cover sit down jet skis and new and old jet skis here at Towergate. RJP Marine cover stand-up jet skis – get a quote for your stand up from them today.

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