Licenses and Qualifications Needed to Ride a Jet Ski

Do I need a driving licence for a jet ski?

You don't need a licence per se but it does help to get some experience under your belt before you go Jet Skiing. Our guide tells you where you can get a few lessons and how to get certain licenses and qualifications.

In the UK, it is not a legal requirement to hold a licence before you ride or own a jet ski. It is however, a good idea to get some training to make sure you stay safe on the water.

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Where can I learn how to jet ski?

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) run Jet Ski proficiency courses at various centres across the UK. On these courses you’ll learn about the safety features of a Jet Ski as well as safe launching, orientation at sea, how to deal with emergencies while out on the water and how to judge the weather to stay safe.

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How will a jet ski course help me?

It’s a great idea to take a Jet Ski proficiency course simply to get the best out of your jet ski experience. Whether you’re hiring one on holiday or looking to buy one yourself, a course may help you gain confidence and experience the full adrenaline fuelled ride you get from a Jet Ski.

Having a course certificate under your belt can help when hiring a Jet Ski abroad, when going on restricted waters and can even save you money on your Jet Ski insurance.  

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Will I need a jet ski license if I would to hire one abroad?

It depends on the country and the company you’re hiring from. More often than not, you won’t need a license or qualification. However, it’s best to check with the company before you plan your trip.

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Do I need a licence to race my jet ski?

If you’re looking to race a Jet Ski, you will need some credentials including membership of the Jet Sport Racing Association of Great Britain and an RYA race licence. So, if you want to take jet skiing to the next level you will need a licence – otherwise, just get out there and enjoy it!

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Do I need a licence for a stand up jet ski?

If you’re buying a stand up jet ski, you’ll definitely want lessons as these are far more difficult to handle than their sit-down sisters. See our guide comparing sit down and stand up jet ski insurance.

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Jet ski insurance from Towergate

Our jet ski insurance provides tiered levels of protection - bronze, silver or gold - so you can choose how much or how little we cover. And whichever level you choose, you can enjoy your jet ski knowing that you have £3 million third party liability cover as standard.

See more in our video guides to jet ski cover.

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