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Caravan Theft Hotspots

Since 2015, over 2,000 caravans have been stolen in the UK, with a 73% rise in thefts from 2015-2018.

How much are caravan thefts costing Brits?

Based on the lowest-cost caravan of the UKs largest caravan makers, Swift, caravan thefts since 2015 have cost UK caravan owners over £35 million.

When are caravans most likely to be stolen?

Caravans are stolen most frequently in the summer months, with July being the most likely month for a caravan to be stolen, while December and January proved to be the safest months for owners.

Where are the UK's caravan theft hotspots?

We asked each police constabulary for the number of caravan thefts reported between 2015-2018.

In Greater Manchester, caravan thefts have risen by 66% since 2015, in Essex they have risen by 51% and in Cheshire they have increased by 44%. However, the biggest rise in caravan theft was in Norfolk; in 2015 just four thefts were reported, yet in 2018 this number had rocketed to 37 – an astonishing rise of 825%.

Police constabularies Total thefts 2015-2018*
1. Greater Manchester 289
2. West Mercia 220
3. Cheshire 189
4. Essex 177
5. Cambridgeshire 141
6. Staffordshire 130
7. Suffolk 111
8. West Midlands 106
9. Nottinghamshire 92
10. Norfolk 87
11. Northumbria 85
12. Kent 82
13. Wiltshire 73
14. Humberside 72
15. Devon & Cornwall 66
16. Bedfordshire 64
17. Derbyshire 64
18. Leicestershire 63
19. Northamptonshire 54
20. Durham 39
21. Cumbria 34
22. Avon & Somerset 33
23. South Yorkshire 33
24. Cleveland 32
25. Merseyside 20
26. Lancashire 18
27. Dorset 12

To avoid becoming the victim of a caravan theft, Towergate experts suggest several security precautions that can be taken to make your caravan the safest it can be. These include ensuring hitch locks, door locks, chassis secure wheel locks, caravan anchoring devices, alarmed locks and cables, wheel clamps and tracking devices are all considered to prevent thefts. Further information and advice can be found in our guide to caravan security.

*Data obtained through the Freedom of Information Requests to each Police Constabulary to reveal the UK’s caravan theft hotspots.

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