Keeping your caravan on a permanent site

Are you considering permanently siting your caravan? There may be changes to be made to your insurance policy if you decide to keep your caravan permanently on site. Read our guide to find out more information.

Owning a touring caravan can give you a great deal of freedom to explore different sites in the UK and overseas. However, if you discover a park you are particularly fond of and find yourself returning to the same venue each year, you may want to pitch up permanently.

Permanently sited touring caravans

As you might imagine, there can be less risk associated with touring caravans which are permanently sited as they are not exposed to the risk of accidents on the road. However, there are still other risks to consider, so it's advisable to have cover in place for incidents such as fire, theft and storm damage.

What insurance do you need for a permanently sited caravan?

In most cases, the caravan park you choose to pitch up on will require you to have public liability insurance for your caravan. This is designed to protect you if someone should suffer an injury to themselves, or loss or damage to their property, through negligence arising from you owning the caravan. For example, if you forgot to put the brakes on your caravan and it rolled into somebody's property, their damage would likely be covered under the public liability section of the policy.

Cover for incidents such as theft, accidental damage and storm damage is not a legal requirement, but these possibilities are important to consider when taking out insurance. Accidents can still happen on a caravan site and it is best to keep yourself protected.

Touring caravan insurance from Towergate

Whether you decide to keep your caravan at your favourite site all year round, or if you prefer to try out different places each year, touring caravan insurance can help to protect you in case of an accident or theft. For more information visit our caravan insurance page or call us on 0344 892 1413.