Keeping your caravan on a permanent site

Are you considering permanently siting your caravan? This video is designed to explain the insurance implications of keeping your caravan on a permanent site. Watch to find out more.

Annual pitches – keeping your caravan on a permanent site

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Edward and I’m an adviser for Towergate.

In this video we explain why permanently pitched caravans still need insurance.

Touring caravans are not always towed and if you find a park that you are particularly fond of, you may want to pitch up and stay all year round.

As you might imagine, can be less risk associated with touring caravans that are sited as they are not exposed to accidents that occur on the roads. However, there are other risks to consider so it’s advisable to have cover in place for things such as fire, theft and storm damage.

With Towergate, permanently siting your caravan may mean you get a discount applied to your policy.

So do you still need insurance if the caravan is permanently sited?

Often the park you choose to pitch up on will require you to have some public liability insurance for your caravan.

Public liability is a type of insurance that protects you should someone from a third party suffer an injury, loss or damage to themselves or their property through some kind of negligence.

An example would be if you were to forget to put the breaks on your caravan and it were to roll into someone else’s property causing damage.

Additional insurance, though not compulsory, is still a good idea. Theft is still a common claim associated with caravans, even when they are on site and accidental damage and storm damage can also occur among other risks.

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