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Top Tips on How to Declutter Your Park Home

It’s a new year, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to declutter and reorganise your home. We’ve put together some top tips that will help you to do this successfully.

Do one room or space at a time

If you consider decluttering your whole home at once, you could get overwhelmed by the task at hand. Set some intentions that you’d like to achieve most, and then put this in a priority order so that you can break down the tasks by the most important to the least. Once you’ve started, focus on finishing that space or task before moving on. You will achieve more this way and feel a sense of accomplishment.

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Sorting System

Once you’ve decided where to start, you need a method to work through. Creating donate, throw away and keep piles (or even a storage pile) will help you sort through your items. If you’re going through draws for example, take everything out so you can see it properly and then sort into the piles. This means you’ll have to put thought into the best way to put the items back in and it gives you the chance to clean the draw or space.

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Will you use it in the next 12 months?

If the answer to this question is no then you probably don’t need to keep it. The items taking up space in your home should be things you really love and would reach for, or they are useful. For example; you read a book that you liked but didn’t love so you won’t be reading it again – it would be worth donating for someone else to enjoy.

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Make sure to also go through your paperwork as well and only keep the things that are essential. Create a filing system that helps to you organise these into categories so that when you need a document it will be easy to find. Try not to just organise paperwork into piles and leave on your surfaces.

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Sleep on it

You may find it hard to dispose of things and one great tip to make it easier is to pack up everything you’re not keeping in your house and put it out of the way somewhere. After a week or so, if you’ve missed any items you can retrieve them, if not you’ve made the correct decision to remove them and you can continue with a secure feeling about your decisions.

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Park Home Insurance from Towergate

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