Choosing the right caravan layout

When buying a caravan, there are a few key choices that will affect how comfortable you are on your holiday, but the biggest one is the layout you choose.


Berth - a designated sleeping area in a caravan

Dinette - a dining area that can convert into a bed

Nearside - the side of the caravan that is closest to you as you walk in the door

Wash room - the area of the caravan that normally includes a toilet, shower and wash basin

Unlike cars, for which there are only a few different types of seating configuration, caravans are available in many different layouts to suit couples and families of all ages.

British-built caravans can sleep up to six people, so the first thing you should consider is how many berths you want and if you want extra space for guests.

To help you pick the perfect layout, Towergate has put together the following guide to some of the UK's most popular layouts.

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