Ultimate Guide to Caravan Security and Storage

Caravans have long been rich picking for thieves, but using readily available caravan security devices can help to reduce the chances of your holiday plans being ruined by the theft of your caravan.

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In this article we explore some of the security devices you can buy to help keep your caravan and its contents safe, as well as some of the options you have for storing your caravan when it’s not being used.

Caravan security devices

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Hitch locks

These are a popular method of deterring thieves as they help to prevent the caravan from being removed from a towing vehicle or being towed away by blocking off the hitch mechanism. They are quick and easy to fit, making them a good option for quick stops, as well as longer stays and storage.

There are a range of different hitch lock sizes and designs so you are bound to find one to fit your caravan. It is worth investing in a lock made from heavy steel that covers the hitch fixing bolts.

Door locks

It may sound obvious but it is worth supplementing your existing caravan lock with secure locking mechanisms. These can make it more difficult for opportunists to break into your caravan to take your belongings. It is also possible to get a device which bolts onto the body of the caravan and swings across the door to protect the lock.

Chassis secure wheel lock

These locks work by fitting between the spokes of the wheels on your caravan to stop them from turning. They can provide very effective security for most modern caravans, but are best suited for longer stays. They can be more difficult to fit than hitch locks and the caravan will need to be jacked up for the wheel to be aligned properly. 

Hitch posts

These security posts have a base which is concreted into the ground. You can then use your hitch lock to secure your caravan to the post, keeping your caravan secure. This is a great investment if your caravan spends a lot of time on your driveway over the winter months. 

Caravan anchoring device

A caravan anchoring device works in a similar way to a hitch post, in that it helps to secure the caravan to the ground. These devices drop down from the chassis of the caravan and embed into the ground making it difficult to move. They can be used at many caravan parks as an extra security measure.

Alarmed locks and cables

Modern alarm locks have a built in siren which will sound if they are removed or tampered with. These are really useful when you're touring as they are quick and easy to fit and may work as an effective deterrent. There are many different types of alarmed locks, cables and chains available on the market at a range of different prices.

caravan wheel clamp

Wheel clamps

Wheel clamps work in a similar way to wheel locks but the caravan does not need to be raised off the ground to fit these devices, making them easier to use. There are a wide range of wheel clamps available to suit a variety of tyre sizes. 

Wheel clamps can also be useful as an extra precaution when parking your caravan on an incline as they help to prevent the wheels from moving. 

Tracking devices

Even with the best security, a determined thief may still find a way to take your caravan. As an additional line of defence you might choose to have a tracking device installed so that it can be tracked to assist in the recovery of your caravan. 

There are two types of tracking device; non-proactive and proactive. Non-proactive devices use GPS to track the location of the caravan. Proactive tracking devices also use GPS but have sophisticated movement sensors which can immediately alert security providers so that you can react in real time should your caravan be on the move without your knowledge. It is worth researching both types of trackers and deciding which suits your needs and budget.

Investing in more than one of these devices can help to improve the security of your caravan and can work as more of a deterrent to thieves. 

Caravan storage options

There are a few options available when it comes to storing your caravan when it's not in use.


It really depends on your caravan holiday lifestyle, but if you're a frequent traveller, storing your caravan at home could be the most convenient for you. 

There are ways of making your caravan more secure on the driveway at home. Having lockable gates and floodlights may help to deter thieves. Parking your caravan with the hitch facing away from the gates may also help. You should invest in the relevant security devices, such as hitch posts and wheel clamps, mentioned above.

Caravan park

Some caravan sites will allow you to store your caravan on site when it's not being used. This can be ideal if you don't want to tow your caravan across the country and if you regularly visit the same site. Different sites will have different security measures in place so it's best to ask so that you can make an informed decision about storing your caravan. Check requirements for storage sites with your caravan insurance provider.

If you do choose this option it is best to remove anything of value from the caravan and ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked. We'd recommend that anything you do choose to leave should be tagged up with a UV pen or other method of security tagging.

Leaving your caravan onsite reduces your carbon footprint and we often reward our green customers with lower premiums. Should you choose to store your caravan onsite it is worth discussing our green policy with your adviser.

CaSSOA approved storage

The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) started in 1999 to help combat caravan theft. Since then the organisation has grown into a nationally recognised seal of approval for secure caravan storage sites.

These sites are assessed on a range of criteria including CCTV coverage, perimeter fences and alarms, then awarded either a bronze, silver or gold rating depending on how they rank. Storing your caravan at one of these sites can be a secure option and will also save you space on your driveway. 

For more information on CaSSOA registered sites near you, visit the CaSSOA website.

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