Ultimate Guide to Caravan Accessories, Gadgets and Innovations

Owning a caravan or motorhome can bring you plenty of holiday happiness, and kitting yourself out with the latest gadgets and accessories can make a great holiday even better. We have put together a guide of the must-have items which will be most useful on your caravan holiday.

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Caravan holiday essentials

There are all sorts of accessories available to make your holiday a little easier, from awnings to fold-out tables. These are some of our favourites.


A large, well-made awning is an excellent investment and can easily double your available living space. It’s often worth chatting to other enthusiasts on caravan forums about the best types of awning before shopping around. To make setting up your caravan pitch easier, consider investing in an inflatable awning designed for a quick set up.

Refrigeration units

Having fresh food and chilled drinks on hand makes relaxing in your caravan that little bit better. Many of the latest models can run off a range of power supplies, making them far more versatile and well worth the investment.

Camping cookers

Many people choose not to invest in a camping cooker as they simply use the stove in their caravan. However, when the weather is good it’s always nice to be able to sit outside together and cook. It is possible to track down a good camping stove at a reasonable price, no matter whether you prefer electric, gas or charcoal.

Water pumps

Investing in a new water pump is the best way to improve the flow of water in the kitchen taps or even in the shower, to make your mornings away that much better.

Bike racks

If you want to take your bikes away with you for a more active break you should consider investing in a quality bike rack to ensure safe transit and theft prevention.

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Gadgets for your caravan

In order to make your caravan homely it can be worth investing in some gadgets to make your trip a little easier.

Satnav systems

When you're going off to visit a new place in your caravan the latest satnav can help to guide you smoothly to your destination without the need to refer to a road atlas.

Portable television and satellite equipment

Going away doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourite sporting events and TV shows. In order to get the best reception, you'll need a good travel satellite and it's worth checking out the review on forums to find the best for your budget.

Motor movers

These can certainly make life a great deal easier. These motorised cylinders are designed to make it much easier to position your caravan around a pitch by turning the wheels of the caravan to whatever position you need.

Innovations for caravans

The caravan industry has been moving fast in recent years to make lighter, more aerodynamic caravans which are also designed to be as comfortable as possible. These are some of our favourite innovations of recent years.

Under-floor heating

A number of caravan manufacturers are now implementing this technology in their new caravans as a way to save space and keep the weight down.

Solar panels

The demand for power in a caravan has increased a great deal as more people are taking electronic devices such as phones and tablets on holiday with them. For a relatively low cost you can fit solar panels to your caravan to recharge your leisure battery, allowing you to power your gadgets.


There has been a great deal of research into improving the aerodynamics of caravans and a number of new models have been developed in recent years that have significantly less drag than some of the more traditional designs. Read more about this work on caravan aerodynamics.

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