Guide to Caravan Accessories, Gadgets and Innovations

Kitting your caravan out with the latest gadgets and accessories can make a great holiday even better. We have put together a guide of the must-have items which will be most useful on your caravan holiday.

Caravan holiday essentials

There are all sorts of accessories available to make your holiday a little easier, from awnings to fold-out tables. Here are our top five must-haves.


A large, well-made awning is an excellent investment and can easily double your available living space. It’s often worth chatting to other enthusiasts on caravan forums about the best types of awning before shopping around. Investing in an inflatable awning can help you set up more quickly when you pitch your caravan.

Camping cookers

When the weather is good it’s always nice to be able to sit outside together and cook. It is possible to find a good camping stove at a reasonable price, no matter whether you prefer electric, gas or charcoal. When using your indoor cooking equipment you must ensure that your caravan is well-ventilated. It is also important that you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted.

Water pumps

Investing in a new water pump is the best way to improve the flow of water in the kitchen taps or even in the shower, to make your mornings away that much better.

Bike racks

If you want to take your bikes away with you for a more active break you should consider investing in a quality bike rack to ensure safe transit. Having your bike safely locked up on a quality bike rack may also help to reduce the risk of theft.

Other essentials

There are a number of other useful extras you can take with you to make life a little easier. Foldable plastic crates are great for storing food in and can be flattened when no longer required. Extension leads are also worth taking as they can allow you to plug in multiple devices or just make it easier to access power points. Grip mats are used to help you move your caravan in muddy conditions and can reduce the chance of it getting stuck. As the weather can be very unpredictable it is definitely worth packing some of these.

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Gadgets for your car and caravan

caravan by the river

Investing in some gadgets for your car and caravan can make your trip a little easier. Here are our top three gadgets to make your caravan holiday even better.

Satnav systems

When you're going off to visit a new place in your caravan, having the latest satnav in your car can help to guide you smoothly to your destination without the need to refer to a road atlas. Using Google Maps on your phone or downloading a SatNav app such as CoPilot can help you get to your destination safely if you do not have a satnav. Just remember that you cannot use your phone for anything other than navigation when driving. 

Portable television and satellite equipment

Going away doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourite sporting events and TV shows. In order to get the best reception, you'll need a good travel satellite and it's worth checking out the review on forums to find the best for your budget.

Air conditioning

When the weather is good, caravanning can be even more fun. Having a good air conditioning system can help you enjoy the sunshine without getting too hot. Systems such as Cool My Camper can be worth looking into if you take your caravan to hot climates. However, adding air conditioning to your caravan can be expensive so it is worth considering if it is a worthwhile investment.

Motor movers

These can certainly make life a great deal easier. These motorised cylinders are designed to make it much easier to position your caravan around a pitch by allowing you to control the movement of the caravan by remote control.

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Power gadgets for off-grid caravanning

father and son sat by campfire

Whilst many caravanners today enjoy the luxuries of amenity-rich campsites, some campers prefer to keep the traditional spirit of adventure alive by going wild caravanning or 'real caravanning', as they often call it. This involves finding the smallest, most obscure caravan sites, many of which have room for just five touring caravans.

The opportunity to see a part of the country that few others have seen is certainly appealing, but before you set off on your first wild caravanning holiday, it may be worth investing in some extra kit to power your caravan.

Smaller caravan sites often lack electric hook-ups to supply mains electricity, so you will need to rely on your caravan's leisure battery.

  • With this in mind, it may be worth investing in a new battery. Caravan batteries range from 60AH to 100AH (ampere-hours), with the more expensive ones tending to last longer between charges. Upgrading your battery could cost upwards of £60.

  • Solar panels are another way to make your battery last even longer, and there are plenty of options, from small 4W panels to enormous 150W devices. Fitting a simple 20W roof-mounted panel to your roof can keep the battery topped up during daylight hours and prices start at around £150. Many new caravan models come fitted with a solar panel as standard.

  • If you really want to go completely off-grid and need more than 12V power, then you can buy your own generator to run your own 230V electrics. Various versions are out there, from diesel powered to petrol powered, and you can buy one for roughly £500.

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Caravan insurance from Towergate

To ensure you are covered should the worst happen, you should take out touring caravan cover.

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