What to consider when moving your static caravan

This article looks at the reasons you might move your static caravan and what the process entails.

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Reasons for moving your static caravan

There are many reasons you may choose to move your static caravan and they will depend entirely upon your own situation. It may be that you want your caravan to be closer to home or reduce the travel time to visit it, or want to explore a different part of the country, or perhaps your current site fee is increasing.

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How to move your static caravan

Moving your static caravan can be a tricky and costly process so it is worth doing your research before you consider moving. The costs will vary depending on the site you are moving to, the distance you will be travelling and the cost of towing. It is worth speaking to the site you wish to move to as they will be able to give you an idea of some of the costs.

There are a number of specialist caravan moving companies who have vehicles suited to transporting static caravans. If your caravan is more than 12ft wide and/or you will be travelling down narrow country roads, you will need to pay for an escort to travel at the front and back of the transporter to warn other motorists.

Note that moving your static caravan may not be covered by your insurance, so you should check with your insurer and haulage provider before doing so.

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Re-siting a damaged caravan

If your caravan is damaged beyond repair, the debris from the previous caravan will need to be removed from the pitch and the ground will need to be made habitable. This ensures that the plot is ready for the new caravan, which will need to be plumbed in so that is has a water, gas and electrical supply.

This is not an easy task and you will need to get a professional to get your new caravan up and running. Please note that costs can vary at each site so it is best to ask your site operator for guidance to make sure that you have sufficient cover in place.

When you set up your static caravan insurance policy you should let your adviser know that you wish to be covered for re-siting and how much you want to be covered for. This will cover the cost of re-siting in the instance that your caravan is damaged beyond repair. 

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Static caravan insurance with Towergate

As a specialist insurer of static caravan insurance for 20 years, we’ve worked with our customers to understand what they want from their insurance. We’ve developed our product to offer a flexible approach to insurance, giving customers the ability to select additional products to meet their needs.

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Caravan insurance from Towergate

Our caravan insurance can be built to suit your lifestyle. For more information get a quote online or call us on 0330 173 9442.

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